Sunday, January 13, 2019

Trying to Catch Up with my Blog

Hello my dear readers.  I'm sorry it's been so long since I have written anything on this blog of mine.  Time gets away too fast sometimes!

I returned home from Turkey before Thanksgiving.  It was so much fun getting to explore more of the vast city of Istanbul.

Of course, I took my knitting with me.  I finally completed this shawl, just before Christmas.  It took me over 3 months so I felt a bit lonesome when I had finished it :)

My watercolors made their appearance for a short time to complete a Christmas card for my dear friend in Scotland.

Lilly is alive and well.  She will be 14 years young next month.  I can't believe where the years have gone.

All the family was here for the Christmas holidays and it was a joyous time.  We had some healthy food too like the hummus pictured above that I made.  Super easy recipe.

I took the Christmas trees down the day after Christmas but it took me a couple of days to complete my cleaning.  I felt good after the house was put back in order.

We've had some lovely weather and I loved seeing the sunset the other night.

A couple of days ago, we went to the beach with our friends and I called it the calm before the storm as we are expecting a week of rain!  Yes, I'm excited as I love rain and we need it, too.

This is me trying to do a selfie!  Oops, not so good but I wanted to show you the beautiful hand knitted shawl/scarf my dear friend Christine knitted for me.  It's a most cherished gift.

That about does it for the update on what's been happening around here.  I will have the pleasure to babysit my little granddaughter this week so I'm looking forward to that.  And, there's a new knitting project on my knitting needles that I will share later.

Oh, almost forget - I joined Instagram.  I'm not on Facebook or Twitter or anything else but I did join Instagram.  My son told my daughter that "Mom has fallen through the rabbit hole".  It's fun.  I love it!  And, I've found many of my blog friends over there, too.

I hope your new year is off to a wonderful start.  Lilly sends me best wishes to each of you as do I.
Until next time,



  1. Hello Pat,
    I enjoyed catching up with you today. What name do you go under on Instagram? I’m not on Instagram but I like to visit. Lovely to see your selfie!
    Your hummus looks delicious!
    Nice to see Lilly looking so well!
    Your knitting is beautiful!
    I know that feeling so well, when you’ve come to the end of a project and are not sure which one to pick up next .... I feel just like that today!
    Barbara xx

  2. I am so terrible with selfies! So don't feel bad. That watercolour is so beautiful, and the knitting is amazing!!!

    Have a great week,

  3. Sorry Pat, still couldn’t see you on Instagram.
    B x

  4. how lovely, what an intricate beautiful handmade gift!!! your home and life have such loveliness found within!!! I am so glad for every good thing!!! God bless you dear friend!!!

  5. Hi Pat, lovely photos of your home, Lilly and your delicate shawl knitting. QT will be 18 yrs old tomorrow, they're a beautiful breed of cat that's for sure. Take care Cathy x

  6. Do you have a similar name on Instagram? I will try to find you...

  7. What a beautiful house, Pat (I especially love the staircase) and what a beautiful shawl too! The watercolour is so clever - you really are a talented lady with a 'good' eye for style.


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