Friday, August 31, 2012

Crocodile Stitch Crocheted Handbag

UPDATED April 21, 2013 - Hello.  Be sure to check out my post dated April 21, 2013 "Temucula Wine Tasting and Crocodile Stitch Handbag" and you will see another design made from the crocodile stitch.

Wow, I can't believe it's been five years since I wrote on this blog. It's a miracle that I was even able to find my blog on the internet.  Thanks to my son who is the computer expert, I am now writing to you.

So, lots has happened in these last five years.  My children are truly grown up and I am now a grandma.  I guess that makes Lilly my cat an aunt!  Lilly is such a good little kitty.  She was an indoor kitty until we moved to California two years ago.  Now, she can go outside in the backyard (it's really a pool yard) and loves to hunt geckos and look at birds.  The yard is fenced in so she is too large (I can't say fat) to get through the fence.  Anyway, she loves to lounge by the pool but she always knows when its time to come in for lunch or dinner.

I have become a knitting addict these past couple of years but I first taught myself to crochet years ago.  Now, I find that sometimes I am bored with knitting and will do a crochet pattern now and then.  I ran across a tutorial for this crochet stitch which is called "the crocodile stitch".  To make the bag shown, I made two panels in this stitch pattern, seamed them together and crocheted a handle.  I then made a lining and attached it to the bag with handstitching and beads.  It would make a great little sachtel for work or play.

Here's the link to the crocodile stitch tutorial.

This bag is made from Bernat Softee baby yarn.   Originally I was going to crochet a scarf with this yarn which is 100% acrylic.  I wasn't pleased with the pattern so went online and found this wonderful, fun to make stitch.  I then created this bag.  It used one skein of the Bernat yarn.

There are many tutorials online showing how to make this stitch.  I'm a bit old fashioned in that I like to see the pictures and read the instructions.  It's quite easy to make and really only consists of two different pattern rows.

Until next time, I wish you happy crocheting! 

P.S.  March 13, 2013  I would love to hear your comments as I know this post is still being read.  I will soon be posting a new post on Bavarian Crochet!