Saturday, April 12, 2014

Round Ripple Afghan

It's good to be home again.  I was away last weekend attending my brother's 70th birthday party.  It was a fun time to see family and friends.  But, it's always good to get home :)

I finished my round ripple afghan.  I had run out of yarn and the yarn finally arrived and I finished it in a couple of hours.  Here's a photo of my round ripple afghan:

It was a fun project and it was very fast to make.  I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn which I ordered from Herrschners.  This is the same company that my Grandma used to order yarn from way back in the early 1960's!  Your local craft store probably carries Red Heart but Herrschners has an amazing range of colors to choose from.

Here's the pattern link which I found online from a very talented fiber arts artist named Doris.  Her designs on truly amazing.  As you can see, I changed the schemetics of the colors.  I did two rows of each color, followed by three rows of each color, followed by four rows of each color and ending with three rows of dark green (the white was added as needed for highlight).

I made a rose motif for the center of the pattern.  It is a six petal rose motif. After making the motif, I started with row three of the pattern.  

I also made 12 smaller rose motifs (five petals) and attached them to the points as I was crocheting the last three rows.

The final design turned out fine but I wish my yarn colors were more subdued.  They look a little too bright (and old style).  I used the following Red Heart Super Saver skeins: 1 skein light raspberry, 1 skein baby pink, 1 skein light sage, 2 skeins dark sage, 2 skeins soft white.

As to to the "two" skeins of dark sage and soft white, I had to buy these extra skeins although I needed only a little bit of each of the second skein.

Anyway, I would love to hear your comments.  And, I would love to hear what you have been working on.  I will leave you with this picture of Lilly (who sends her love to each of you), sitting next to my stripey blanket I am currently working on.

Have a wonderful week and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Happy crafting,

P.S.  If you have time, stop by Handmade Harbour where you will finds lots of lovely things!