Friday, May 17, 2019

A Scammer and Blog/Instagram Etiquette

Hi Everyone.  Sorry it's been so long since I wrote a blog post but I'm still here.  The reason why I was away for so long was because I discovered Instagram!  Yes, and maybe it's not a good thing...

For the past few years I really enjoyed writing my blog and meeting such interesting bloggers.  Another blogger I follow recently joined Instagram so I did, too.  It's fun but it's taken me awhile to "weed out" those I don't want to hear from or follow.  I've met some nice ladies who share the same interests as me and some of them are old blog friends!

But, that said, I find that people are not always so polite.  Awhile back it got very political in regard to the craft community and it ruffled my feathers a bit. My dear daughter gave me some great advice which was do not get involved.  But, is there an etiquette you follow with your Instagram friends?  I mean, almost every person's account on which I comment on, they in return comment on my account in a nice, positive, polite manner.  Although, there are a couple who would never reply in return regardless of how many times I  comment on their account.  Does this make sense?  I'll add a further caveat in that I feel many people out there in social media land are prejudice and ignorant.  In this case, people of the same race but who live on different continents.   What?  Yes, I guess I've had my head in the sand.  Remember, I do not belong to Facebook and my only experience has been this blog.  As I've said, I've met some lovely, kind people who are gifted in many ways and they share those gifts via Instagram.  I now feel I can somewhat "navigate" through Instagram although I'm always on guard.

Speaking of guard, I think my blog needs a guard!  I was looking back at some old posts and there was one in which a blogger stole my photo, posted it on her site and has not removed it nor has she given me any credit.  It's a joke as she is a scammer in my book.  Please be aware of Craft Passions.  She has put up a false disclaimer saying people have given their permission to share their patterns/photos.  I've never heard from this person before and she, to date, has not responded to my email!  Such is life.

Life is very good here in SoCal although we are experiencing the "May Gray" which proceeds the "June Gloom".  Lilly is alive and doing well and sends her meows to everyone.  I wish you all a wonderful, relaxing weekend.  I'd love to hear your thoughts about my ramblings.

With my best wishes,