Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lilly My Cat

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the adventures of Lilly My Cat! My name is Lilly and I am a two year old Maine Coon mix kitty. I will be writing this blog, along with my Mom. Here's some info that might be helpful:

Cats of Characters

Lilly - Me, a Maine Coon Cat
Mom - My Mom who adopted me on 2/17/07
Dad - My new Dad
Heidi - My older Sister
Tony - My brother-in-law
Andrew - My brother

Lilly writes: Mom and Dad came home late last night from attending my brother Andrew's graduation from college. They were gone for six days but I got to stay home since our nice neighbors take care of me when my parents are away. I was so lonesome for Mom that after she came home, all I did was meow. I guess I was lonesome and maybe a little scared. Thank goodness they are back now. Mom gives me a lot of love and she is my constant companion.

Mom writes: It was so nice to get home and find Lilly. I know she missed me terribly. I feel bad leaving her when I travel but she gets good care from the neighbors. I think Lilly remembers her traumatic beginnings of life. Lilly was rescued from an animal hoarder who had 94 animals! This was in the fall of 2006. She was lucky in that she was adoptable. She was put in a foster home until she had weaned her four kittens. She then was transferred to another foster home in hopes of being adopted. She was there for two weeks until she was adopted by my husband and I. She never has to worry anymore as she has a forever home now.

Chapter II
Lilly writes: I now live in a large home where I can wonder upstairs or downstairs. For the first couple of months, Mom and Dad had me stay downstairs. It was fine since there were big bright windows where I could look out and a huge bed where I could recline to take my naps. I don't recall ever having a big open space to jump and play in. I remember when Mom came to see me in the foster home. It was a well kept and clean home but it wasn't big and I could't run and play. Mom came and looked at me and didn't know what to think of me. I then hid under a table.

Mom writes: It was beautiful sunny day on Feburary 17, 2007 when I went to see Lilly. I asked my husband to come with me as it was about 50 miles from our home. He hesitated but agreed to finally join me. I went in first to see Lilly. She had been described on as a "medium" size kitty, two years old. I was shocked to see her - she was a rather large kitty! She was young, long haired and had a beautiful little face but she was overweight! I called my husband in to look at her and he said "we've traveled this far, just go ahead and get her"! So, thus began my adventures with Lilly My Cat.

Chapter III
Lilly writes: I remember getting in the kennel and being placed in the back of the car for the ride to my new home. It was a warm, sunny day and I didn't say a word. I was so good being cramped in that little kennel. When I got to my new home, I made straight away for the corner of the bathroom, where it was dark, quiet and peaceful. I was scared! I didn't know these people and this was the third home that I had been in in the last couple of months.

Mom writes: Lilly was so sweet. I had wanted a lap kitty since losing my precious Pumpkin (a Norwegian Forest Cat) to feline diabetes 16 months before. Pumpkin was three when she was adopted by us and lived with us for five years until developing diabetes. I mourned so long for her - she was my constant companion. Lilly hid behind the toilet for four days - I felt so bad for her that I put her cat bed in there so she could be comfortable. She let me pet her and she never hissed or scratched me.

Lilly writes: I could sense that Mom was a good person who needed a cat to love her. She spoke so gently to me and would rub my head or tummy. I wanted to socialize with her but I was still scared a little bit. This new home was quiet, with no other pets and no children. But, still, I wasn't sure of my new surroundings. Mom came and brushed me one afternoon and I think at that point, I knew that she was so happy to have me.

Mom writes: Little by little, Lilly started to trust me. I wanted to hug her and let her know that she was special. On about the fourth day, she ventured out of the bathroom into the family room. I felt she needed a bath - I know - cats are suppose to hate water but not Lilly. She let me bath her without any problem! She was so cute getting out of that tub.

Chapter IV
Lilly writes: I found out later that Mom had mourned over Pumpkin for so long. Pumpkin was originally my brother, Andrew's cat. But when Andrew left for school and Dad left for work, Pumpkin was left with Mom. They developed a bond that is still there, even though Pumpkin has left. I wanted to let Mom know, that I, too, would be her soul mate. She is so good to me. She put me on a schedule and also a diet (more on that later) and I love having my routine.

Mom writes: Lilly is a lap kitty! She loves to be held and kissed and brushed. She follows me around and sometimes meows constantly until I pick her up and put her on my lap. I never thought I would ever find a kitty like my Pumpkin. Pumpkin was my best friend (besides my husband). She was always there for me and always ready to listen to me. It was so traumatic when she had to be put to sleep. I am so thankful that I found Lilly.

Chapter V
Lilly writes: You are probably wondering how I got the name of Lilly? Well, the first foster mom called me Laida - which I think is a weird name for a cat. The second foster mom changed this to Laila. When Mom and Dad came and got me, Mom told Dad that she didn't like the name Laila. She had gone to school with a Laila and she was not pretty! So, she came up with the name of Lilly. She thought it sounded elegant and a bit French.

Mom writes: A few months before, our good friends had given us a "kitty gift basket". I opened it before getting Lilly and found all kinds of goodies for my new cat. Inside was a beautiful pink, rhinestone cat collar. I put the collar on Lilly and then realized that I should get her a name tag in case she ever got lost. (Lilly is an indoors only kitty). I needed to decide on her name so I could buy her name tag. Lilly seemed to fit. She now answers to her name. (I know, people will say that cats do not answer to their names like dogs, but Lilly does!!)


  1. This is hilarious. Lily: Don't you also have another family member? A brother-in-law perhaps? He'll be so hurt that you didn't mention him on your blog...

  2. Why am I listed last on the character cast? What is that all about?

  3. Lilly: Are you really looking forward to having your brother home? He is huge, and will take up all of your space. And, he smells really bad.

  4. Wow dude, not cool. That is mean! Lilly, trust me. I am fun and we will have a good time when I'm home. I hope you're okay with sharing a bed though....and you better not wake me up every morning begging for food!


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