Tuesday, January 24, 2017

...Like a Kid in a Candy Shop

Hello everyone from beautiful, green, rainy southern California!  Things has quieted down here a bit and life is getting back to a normal routine.  That includes knitting and crocheting!

I subscribe to Deramore's emails and the other day they were offering free shipping!  I'm always looking for a bargain but did I really need any more yarn/thread?  What caught my eye was this Scheepjes Maxi Bonbon thread.  At $1.49 a ball, it was very reasonable.  I believe there are something like 87 colors to choose from! That's why I feel like a kid in a candy shop. 

I only bought 7 balls of 6 different colors; snow white, bluebell, willow, rugby, old rosa, and linen (2 balls).  The thread is 100% mercerized cotton and it is a very smooth thread with no bumps.  And, it has a bit of a satin sheen.  So far, it's been quite lovely to work with.  I'm using a size 8 steel crochet hook = 1.5 mm.

I just finished a Valentine project for my grandchildren and will post it next month (I don't want their Mom to see it!)  And, I cast on this new shawl pattern, Nurmilintu, with Rowan Fine Art yarn in the kingfisher colorway. I love this yarn; it so nice to knit with and has not only a change in the colors but a little bit of sheen, too.

Maybe you're wondering about our weather and all the rain we received?  It poured on Sunday.  Being from the Seattle area, I'm used to rain but when it rains down here, it is something else.  According to the weatherman, I think it was called an atmospheric river and it came from the south Pacific.  It rained so hard that the pool overflow couldn't handle the water and the drains cold barely keep up with the water!  The pool was overflowing.  It was a bit scary but luckily, we live in an area where there are numerous storm drains/channels and we were ok.  It was quite different for the people in the fire damaged areas like northeast of Pasadena.  They had horrendous floods and mudslides.  It was so sad to see it on the TV.

On a bright note, look at how green everything is now!  We've waited so long for this rain.  It's been 7 years this month since we had this kind of moisture.

Lilly is enjoying life as normal.  Sleeping whenever she can get in a cat nap.  How I wish I could be Lilly and have her posh life!

I wish each of you all the best.  Feel free to comment and share what you've been up to.

With my best wishes,



  1. Lovely yarn! Enjoy it!!! Glad that the water helped with the greening and that it ran away for you, scary though the damage it can cause.

  2. What weight is all that pretty thread that you purchased. I have a bunch of it that I inherited, but I am not always sure of the weight.

    1. Hello. It doesn't give a number for the size but it does say "lace" weight. It is a 25 gram ball. I hope this helps. Pat :)

  3. What beautiful yarn! I remember how bad the storms could be in southern California. Glad you're safe.

  4. Indeed, cats have a wonderful life: doze, get a hug, eat, take a nap, get a cuddle, groom, get spoiled, doze, grab a bite to eat, sleep,...
    Wouldn't it be nice...?

  5. Hi Pat, love your new yarn - the colors are beautiful. Glad that your drought is over, but geez, the storms have sure been scary! We've been seeing the footage of the flooding on the news and praying for all those affected. Lilly sure does know how to make the best of a rainy afternoon! Hope the weather settles down for you there. It is drizzly here, but at least it is warmer and safer to drive on the roads. Take good care, my friend. Hugs xo Karen

  6. lovely yarn colours!!! so glad things were OK for you all with all that rain! so sad for those who had a rougher time, as you mentioned... thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog, that means a lot to me! Will follow you here! :)


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