Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Visit to Sanibel Island Florida

Hello my dear friends.  I've been away for a few days and it's good to be back home.  My husband and I took a short trip down to Florida to celebrate my brother-in-law's 70th birthday. With the three hour time difference, it seemed as though it took us all day to get there!  But, we had a wonderful time.

The weather was perfect; not too hot and not too cold.  And, best of all, no humidity!  We met up with more family members and ventured off to Sanibel Island one beautiful afternoon.  Since I didn't have my "sun umbrella", I stayed at the beach for only a few minutes before venturing off to explore the edge of the island.  I found this amazing boardwalk that took me through a maze of trees out to the edge of the island.

I absolutely love trees and anything green!  While the family was enjoying the water view, I was looking at some of nature's art.  

The trees have woven their roots throughout the ground.  I was on the lookout for anything that might be crawling about.

It was fascinating to see how this one tree wrapped itself around another tree.  And yet, both were continuing to grow.  I took the foot path back to where I had begun and loved walking through this area of entangled greenery.

One more amazing tree photo.

At the edge of the island, there were some interesting signs telling about the island habitat.  There are a large variety of shells found on the island.  In fact, my sister-in-law, Lynda, has quite a beautiful collection of shells she has collected since being in Florida.

At the end of the boardwalk, I came upon the Sanibel Light House or Point Ybel Light. It was first lit in 1884.  The light house played an important part as Port Punta Russa in the mid to late 1800's was used to ship cattle from Florida to Cuba.  I believe today it's under the management of the U. S. Coast Guard.

I was walking along the edge and I saw something move.  It was a turtle quietly munching his lunch.

I discovered this hole in the sand and it made me wonder what it is as it's not in a place where someone would make a sand castle . . .

Another sign board told me all about the gopher tortoise and how they burrow in the sand.  Nature is pretty amazing!

Luckily, I didn't see any snakes.  

Take a look at this one; it's huge!  It made me wonder how old he/she really is.  And, you can see the sand on it's back.  Maybe he came out of his burrow to eat his lunch?

Here's another view of this lovely creature.  

Last time I was in Florida (Ft. Myers), we drove down to the Everglades and took one of those air boats in the swamp to see alligators.  I had seen a program on TV and thought it looked like fun.  Since then, I don't think I'm that adventurous.  My nephew lives on a mini farm in North Ft. Myers.  And, there's a pond on his property.  Last year, he found a six foot alligator coming out of his pond!  I think I'll stay in southern California and deal with my garden snails and geckos.

We had a great time seeing and discovering new things and visiting with the family.  I hope that each of you are doing well.  Lilly sends her meows.  She stayed home and told me she had a relaxing time with the house all to herself :)

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  1. Thanks for a beautiful travelogue! I've never been to Florida! Sometimes I think I'm the only one who hasn't ; ) I love that you use a sun umbrella - so do I : )

  2. Hello, Dear Pat, I hope your brother-in-law had a wonderful birthday! I'm glad that you had perfect weather for your travels. The little walk you took us on was wonderful. Seeing all the trees and the tortoise must have been so relaxing. It was interesting to learn more about the tortoise. I would have never thought that they burrowed, but it certainly makes sense for survival. I agree with you about not wanting to live near gators, but I suppose I have wildlife here that is just as dangerous - cougars and bears. You learn to respect nature and be very cautious. That's why I have two dogs! Lily looks very sweet today. Hope your weekend is restful. Hugs xo Karen

  3. Beautiful photo's, I love it when somewhere new and they have information boards, I always feel it enhances our visit.

  4. Enjoyed your post and pictures. We usually go down to Florida in Jan or Feb, but our winter has been so mild we haven't bothered.

  5. What an interesting place to visit! Glad you enjoyed it, thank you for taking us along with you.

  6. It sounds like you had a great time. I like walking through woods or swamps on a boardwalk. I grew up in southern Louisiana, where we have our share of allighters and spent time in Florida too. Pretty photos. Thanks for sharing.
    God bless ♡

  7. You lucky girl what a nice place ! I wished I could escape too, we have such a humid and cold weather in Belgium ! I really would need some sunshine and warm weather !

  8. We've visited Florida twice but we just did the whole Disney thing, it makes me sad when I see all the other beautiful places in Florida that we missed. It looks like you had a wonderful time. I hope your brother in law enjoyed his birthday.

  9. Oh wow! Imagine seeing a turtle out on a walk! I love being able to visit places through the internet that I'd never normally see; thanks for all the fabulous photos! xx


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