Friday, January 20, 2017

Storm Watch ~ Wind and Rain in Southern California

Hello.  We are on storm watch down here in southern California.  We had the first storm arrive on Thursday and we are experiencing the second storm today.  And, we are expected to get another one before it's over. I love it!

It's cold out there (at least for southern California) and the rain is coming down hard.

The pool is getting some free water!  Yeah...due to the severe drought we've experienced, we have had to be very cautious with our water use.  Luckily, the pool water lasts about five years before having to drain it (although we have top it off every now and then).

It's a perfect day for me although I am aware of the danger out there on the roads.  Rain is a common occurrence where I'm from in western Washington but down here the roads become very slick and dangerous.

In addition to the rain, we have a high wind watch in effect, too.  The hills around us are a glorious shade of green; the kind of green that only Mother Nature can give it.

Lilly is snug in one of her favorite chairs where she can sleep and watch the storm at the same time.

As for me, I will soon be snug in my chair finishing my knitting projects for my little grandchildren.  Here's a sneak peak of one of them. . .

Stay safe and warm dear friends wherever you are.  

With my best wishes,



  1. I love the sneaky peek of your latest project - is it a little cotton rabbit or bear by any chance? Looking forward to seeing it all. The storm watch sounds a bit scary but glad to see Lilly has found the best place to weather the storm!

  2. We're expecting rain this weekend and because we've been so warm they're expecting thunderstorms and high winds. I think I'll be like Lily and just sleep through it.

  3. So glad you are snug and cozy while your area gets more much needed rain, Pat. Your knitting is lovely and I look forward to seeing your finished project :) Please give Lilly some love pats from me. xx

  4. Enjoy your extra water. Lucky you are safe indoors to be able to enjoy the storm properly. Have a lovely weekend. B xx

  5. Your weather description is as if you would live in Belgium ! Only here it is freezing now !
    My cats stay inside, it's too cold for their little paws !

  6. I have been rejoicing at the rain that's finally come to California. Wishing you all a very healthy and happy 2017. I love the photo of Lilly keeping an eye on the weather!

  7. Gosh what a lot of rain!! I hope that it is drier now and that the rain hasn't caused you any problems. Good for your drought though!

  8. You've been waiting for that rain, I think! Hope it didn't cause you too many problems, Lilly looks like she had the right idea for a storm watch day :-) xx


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