Sunday, October 15, 2017

Lessons of Life

 It's a quiet Sunday afternoon here.  A time for reflection.  At 63 years old, I've never been one to reflect or spend a lot of time thinking about myself.  But sometimes things can change. . .

After being in Turkey for six weeks, I returned home and here was a lovely letter from the management company telling me that the front door at one of my rental properties needed to be painted.  On Monday, I loaded up my car and after picking up the paint at the paint store, I went to the property.  I'd never officially met my tenant since our property manager takes care of that.  As I started painting her door, she sat down to chat with me.  She's a actress/reality TV star but since I'm not interested in that "stuff" she easily talked with me.  Turns out that we are both from the same state and think that Orange County, California is odd! We both had a good laugh.

She told me she thought it was "cute" that my husband and I sometimes take care of the repairs on our properties.  I told her after 40 years, it's kind of normal.  She then asked me about my husband, and when I told her he's an Egyptian Copt she then asked me had I ever felt discriminated against in the middle eastern community.  Wow!  What a loaded question.  If she had asked me 7 years ago, I would have said "no, never".  But it finally dawned on me that after being married for 43 years, maybe I have been living in a bubble.  It was not until I moved here and started attending churches that are 99% middle eastern did I feel discriminated.  Discriminated to the extent that now I have a true phobia.  It's lead to me totally alienate myself whenever possible.  Isn't that odd?  After 43 years?  Funny thing is, never, ever has I felt discriminated against in my husband's own country or with his own family.  It's been by people who know nothing about me.  Only because I don't look like them or speak like them.  It's made me sad over and over again.  But, this time a light went off and now I'm no longer going to be the victim.  I feel I have finally become victorious.

To see the story in a clearer view, my husband immigrated to America and settled into a small, eastern Washington town.  There was only two other Egyptian families.  And, they were of the protestant faith.  There were no immigrant churches at that time; even in Seattle.  They had no choice but to assimilate into the culture.  My husband is 110% American and so proud of this country.  Here in Orange County, there are huge groups of people from everywhere in the world.  For instance, when a new church opens, you don't get "new members" to the faith.  You get "members" from neighboring churches.  Hence, they all know each other and some have been close friends for 30 to 40 years.  They don't want "outsiders" in their circle.  It's sad in that it's a practice that is totally opposite than what their faith professes.  And, this is not just happening at one church.  Many, many churches.  My faith is still there.  It will be guarded from now on and more than likely I will worship with my dear little grandchildren at their church God willing.

On a brighter note, I read so many lovely blogs where they always ask what are your favorite things.  I will have to say after handbags and jewelry, I love fine linens.  It wasn't always that way.  My dear Mother always bought me lovely household linens.  But she has been gone for many years (I as 39 years old when she passed away from a sudden stroke).  I have to admit next to high thread count hotel linens, I love Italian linens.  This is the second set I've bought and it 100% Egyptian cotton made by Patresi.  You can find it at the high end department stores (where I never shop), or at Home Goods.  It was on sale at $70 off and I love the detail of the hemstitching.  (Sorry for the wrinkly photo as they were properly ironed but being cotton, they wrinkle).  All the better for a heavenly sleep.

Speaking of sleep, my two dear grandchildren (ages 2 & 8), spent the night for the first time together here.  They were in bed on time according to their schedule but for some unknown reason, the little one decided to wake up at 4:15AM and sing and talk which then woke up the older one.  We all got up by 5:15AM to usher in the new day.  They are precious so I will never complain of lack of a little sleep :)

I hope wherever you are you are safe.  My heart goes out to all those in the path of the fire storm.  The photos are heartbreaking.  Have a great week and I will be back again soon.

With my best wishes,


Oops, almost forgot.  The lovely bouquet above was given to us my our dear friends.  It was a lovely surprise to receive it this week.  The vintage Austrian enamelware was a gift from my dear daughter.


  1. What pretty things you have! I am so sorry for the hard in how you feel isolated in your faith community. That's hard. I remember being really lonely at one of my early churches for similar reasons though not completely. But still, it is hard. Sending you a HUG. keep creating beauty! What lovely gifts you have been given! ♡♡♡

  2. Good quality white linen does it for me, followed by soft white towels.

  3. Interesting how a random conversation can make us realize things about ourselves.
    Have a wonderful week,

  4. I find that after a time in Italy it takes a while to get back into my usual routine here in the UK. Life is very different over there, but I do benefit from the rest and change of scene. Like you there's plenty to get on with right where we are. I appreciate good quality linen as it feels good and lasts for years. Wishing you a good week whatever you are doing.

  5. It is such a shame that you feel discriminated against. Unfortunately, being of faith doesn't stop people being spiteful and unpleasant. I hope you find happiness in your grandchildren's congregation.

    Love linen, too. I have recently bought 100% lined sheets, which are wonderful to sleep in.

  6. Hello, Dear Pat, I am so sorry that you are experiencing discrimination. It is very sad - why can't we all celebrate and appreciate one another? I hope that you find some joy and peace with worship beside your dear family. Your beautiful linens and dishes are very special. I love the pretty details and lovely flowers. Your conversation with your tenant reminds us that we are more alike than different. Sending hugs and blessings xo Karen

  7. I was sad to see you've felt discriminated against.. my best recommendation is to walk up to those who are not being kind and start a conversation and perhaps that will open the door to a new friendship. I love your enamelware and linens! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Feeling discriminated against is difficult and discouraging. I am glad you have some of your family close by and I am sorry that some have been unwelcoming at various churches you have attended...of all places...sigh. Your experiences encourage me to ask the Lord to help me to better love those around me.

    Sleeping on fine sheets is wonderful, isn't it! I remember ironing sheets for my mom long ago...before permanent press :) xx


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