Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fall Dinner

Haha...this is titled Fall Dinner but it sure doesn't feel like fall.  It was another warm day today in the mid 80's and we're expecting high temps again this weekend.  Where are the glorious clouds and rain?

I had a great day today.  As my dear husband told me this evening, you got to shop and cook.  What more can a girl want?  I did have fun this afternoon shopping at one of my favorite store, TJ MAXX.  You never know what you will find there.  Then I came home and made dinner.

I had some huge boneless pork chops I took out of the freezer this morning.  I was inspired by a recipe I found on Margaret Powling's website, Devon Dreaming.  I didn't add the cider as I wasn't sure if it was hard cider or regular cider?  Either way it turned out very nice.  Although, I cooked mine on top of the stove in my le creuset dutch oven.
I had bought some root vegetables  last week to make roasted vegetables.  I was inspired by a recipe from my friend Elizabeth.  This was the first time I had peeled and roasted a raw beet.  It turned out quite well.  In the past, I've always either boiled or roasted an unpeeled beet and then used it in my in dishes.  Beets are so cheap.  I paid 50 cents a pound at the Persian market.  If you want fresh beets, they are like $1.50.  Yet, I see on TV those advertisements for super beets supplements.  No need if you go to your local market and pick up some fresh beets and roast them.

I just had to buy some fresh flowers for my kitchen table today. I found this huge bunch of chrysanthemums for $5.99 at my local Sprouts store.  Sprouts is a unique little market with lots of organic, artsy stuff.  But, when they have a sale, it is really quite good.  And, best of all, it's across the street from TJ MAXX!  

I found two ripe pears in the frig drawer so I made a pear crumble.  No recipe really. I just sliced up the pear into two individual dishes and made a crumb topping with a little flour, brown sugar, oats and butter.  I added in a little vanilla powder and cardamon for some flavor.  They tasted quite good.

Here's my sweet kitty, Lilly.  She enjoyed her morning outside with me today.  She's almost too big for the patio chair!  It was pleasant sitting outside this morning as we had a little breeze.  The good thing about SoCal is that it's warm during the day but almost always cools off at night.  Except this week . . . it was still warm when the sun set.  Unusual for us for sure.

Thank you for your kind comments and listening to my complaints on my last blog post.  I have to say that finally, keep my fingers crossed, I feel a bit at home this fall here in SoCal.  It's probably because I do have memories now made here that I can grow and expand on.  I know it sounds funny but really when you get a bit older and your children have grown up, it can be hard to settle in a new place.  But, the best thing is that my little grandchildren are a 10 minute drive away and it's so much fun seeing them grow up.

I've love to hear what you've been up to.  How is your weather?  I miss the four seasons but I probably don't even have proper shoes to wear for winter :) Sandals and flip flops won't work!

My best to you,



  1. Your dinner looks nice as well as yummy! I wish the fall weather would stick around for more than a day or two at a time.

    Lilly looks very relaxed - I think she is having a good day, no matter what! :-)

  2. Just getting caught up on blog reading. The situation at your church is sad, but hold your head high, they don't know what a wonderful person they're missing out on knowing.

  3. Glad you had a nice day, I quite enjoy cooking too. Love seeing Lilly, my QT is off to the vets today. He's been losing weight and at 16 yrs equivalent to a 95 yr old human. He had blood tests that confirmed thyroid problems so we'll see what the vet offers today. It'll be so good to see him improve, they're very precious. Cx

  4. Nothing better than pork chops. Your Dutch oven reminds me of a visit to Holland. Where we stayed the mother cooked everything in a big pot on the top of the stove, even the roast. Hope your weather gets a little cooler. B x

  5. Hello Pat! so nice to meet you and glad to discover your blog. My daughter just recently relocated from Santa Barbara to Delaware. The cut flowers just makes a dinner special I think. Makes me want to buy some :)

  6. Hi Pat! I am new to your blog and enjoy the easy flow and your cat! I am presently in Maine enjoying Fall colors and lovely weather on the Island where I grew up many! Years ago. I am considering a Maine Coon but will have to bring my husband around first. Stop by my blog if you get a chance.

  7. Hello Pat. Lilly looks comfortable on that chair. Cats always find the best spot! I hope your weather gets cooler for you. Here one day it's a beautiful October day and then the next it's very wet and windy. It sounds as if you are having a good week and enjoying some tasty meals. I love your header photo, by the way. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. I like the shopping part, but although I do it often, I am not a fan of cooking.


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