Monday, July 10, 2017

It's HOT Here!

How I wish I could be more spontaneous and write a daily post to my blog!  For me, it's not the writing that's difficult, it's sharing some random thought or idea with my readers.  I'll give it a try. . .

We are really in the midst of a heatwave here in SoCal!  Temps reached 102 degrees and that's too hot for me.  My husband's brother and his family from Delaware visited last week with us and of course we took them to the beach.  It was lovely to see the clouds in the sky as the weatherman was predicting rain.  But, no rain appeared.

Lilly is taking the heat in stride.  She can easily find a cool place for her to "rest".  I can't believe that we've had this little cat for over ten years!

Usually as soon as the sun sets, it cools off.  But, this week the heat has kept up with highs in the 70's even in the evening.  Last night we sat out by the pool and I turned on my fairy lights.  It was so nice sitting and feeling the little breeze.

Of course, I had my knitting/crochet basket next to me until it became so dark I couldn't see.  I was inspired to make this little bag after seeing something similar on Etsy.  I just made up the pattern as I went along.  It's made with leftover cotton yarn and will be for a dear friend who loves owls.

 My children have been busy exploring the world this summer.  My daughter and son-in-law and grandchildren attended a swanky wedding in England (West Midlands).

 Before reaching England, they toured Romania for a week on their own in a rented car.  The photos she shared were amazing.  I want to go to Romania!

And, my son has been busy working in Georgia (the country) and enjoying the sights of that beautiful area.

I feel as though I haven't really cooked in my kitchen for a week.  When our guests were here last week, we were invited out for a couple of dinners and took them out a time or two.  Today, my husband is insisting on taking me to the beach for dinner.  I'm not going to complain!  Our home has air conditioning but after awhile, it becomes unbearable to sit inside all the time!  I'll be so happy when this heat wave is over.

That's whats been happening in my part of the world.  I'd love to hear what you've been up to this summer.

With my best wishes,



  1. It's very humid here, but not at your temps., even with the rain it still feels uncomfortable. Lily is so beautiful, her coat is gorgeous xx

  2. We're hot too and I'm tired of being indoors. We always talk about going away for the summer and I wish we would, somewhere up in the cool mountains and stay there till it cools down here.
    Your Lily acts like my Miss Kitty!

  3. I enjoyed this post very much! wow, Romania and Georgia! (both Orthodox countries...)... :) what neat pictures! and the fancy wedding in England, ohhhh, lovely! :) that is a cute little purse / bag you made! owls are darling, I bet your friend will just love it! Have a wonderful dinner at the beach, sounds great! and I liked your fairly lights too!

  4. Hot here, too. Just going outside can be unbearable! Glad you are having fun during the heatwave!

  5. Lilly is a cool cat! I love the photo of her cooling off, and I am very glad I do not have to contend with wearing fur as she does. My mind is cluttered with lists of what I need to be doing to prepare for traveling back and forth across the USA for the next six weeks with my two sisters. Your children's travels sound very exciting! Hoping you will be cooler soon, dear Pat. xx

  6. Oh, that is hot - thank goodness for air-conditioning! Lovely photos of your pool-side and your son's travels. The little purse is so cute, too. Lily knows how to take it all in stride. Hope you get some relief from the heat soon, my dear. Hugs xo Karen

  7. I smiled to read your post today. We have a lot in common right now. It is very hot here too, with similar temperatures to yours, and it stays warm all night. We use the aircon to cool our bedroom before we go to sleep, but mostly we prefer the fans, though at the minute they are only moving hot air around. It is quite draining isn't it.
    My son's wedding last week was in West Midlands, and half the guests had come from another family wedding in Romania. My son who lives in Denmark was there, and it was lovely to have all my boys together.
    Our animals like to stretch out on the stone floors in the house to cool down. I am tempted to have their coats cut but apparently you shouldn't do it for dogs like Kim who have long hair and a thick under-layer, because it is insulation to keep them cool.
    I'm glad you had a nice time with your visitors, and managed to keep out of the kitchen most of the time. I avoid cooking too, though sometimes there is no choice.
    Take it easy now. Adopt the Spanish excellent custom of siesta time for the afternoon, and try to keep cool. Kate x
    P.S. My favourite book is Jane Eyre too!

  8. Hope you are not finding the heat too much, it was really hot here a couple of weeks ago and it was too much for me. Cooler today though as it is raining. Love your little bag, the owls are adorable aren't they! How lovely that your family have been travelling and having fun. Great to hear from you and catch up!

  9. Poor Lilly, with that heath :-) She looks so adorable and fluffy!! Love the little bag you've made, really pretty!

  10. Arh Lilly is gorgeous. I often think it's a shame for animals with thick fluffy fur in the heat. My husband assures me, they are perfectly ok and when the fur opens up /out, it's as if the 'radiators' open to let out the best. Definitely clever however it works x


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