Thursday, July 13, 2017

Five of my Favorite Blog Friends for Five on Friday!

Greetings my readers.  I hope your week is going well.  All is fine here in SoCal although summer's heat has officially made its appearance!  I've been so behind in joining in with Five on Friday.  Today I'm going to share with you some friends I've met through blogging. . .

First up is Teresa Kasner who lives in Oregon.  Although I've never met Teresa, I love reading and following her blog.  She's an expert at crochet and shares such wonderful patterns.  And, the photos she shares of her area are breathtaking.  She lives in a lovely home tucked away in such a beautiful setting and her garden area is a perfect oasis.
Second is Gracie at One Saylor's Log and Gracie too lives in Oregon. In fact, she's good friends with Teresa above!  Gracie loves to paint, crochet, travel and share her beautiful family activities with her readers.  Last year, I sent Gracie some tea from Turkey as I know she loves tea, and she sent me this beautiful handmade card and bookmark that she had made.   

Number three is Karen at Beatrice Euphemie.  Karen lives in my home state of Washington and is such a talented lady and has a special talent for decorating.  She shares her handmade creations (like the little basket and heart she made for me pictured above), recipes, family, garden and the beautiful photos of the lovely area where she lives.  We both say that it's too bad we didn't meet before I moved to California, as I lived not too far from her when I was in Gig Harbor.

At number four is Christine, the author or Writing From Scotland.  Christine, who is originally from Oregon, writes about her life in Scotland.  I find it so fascinating to learn more about this beautiful country where she resides.  And, she is an expert knitter, creating such intricate, beautiful creations.  I "met" Christine when I asked her to translate some antique French postcards that I had been given as a gift.  

Last up is Heidi from Heidi Wanders the World, a new and exciting blog.  All you need to do is click on the link and immediately you will see the delightful tone of this blog.  Heidi shares her fashion favorites, along with some great bargain shopping and most of all, her amazing travels around the world with her family. (whew, I hope this is OK Heidi?  For those who don't know, Heidi is my delightful and much loved daughter!)

From the five people listed above, I only "know in person" Heidi but I feel as though I truly know and consider the others as my dear friends.  This past month, we were called away to Washington State and I had wanted to visit Teresa, Gracie and Karen.  But, that didn't happen as we were short on time and had to fly instead of drive :(

I'll be back again soon with another five of my favorite blog friends.  I really enjoy reading these blogs and learning so much and being inspired too, versus writing my own blog these days.  Thank you for visiting with Lilly My Cat (Lilly sends you her meows).

With my best wishes,

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  1. Thanks for providing links to these wonderful blogs! I really enjoyed this five on friday.

  2. What a great post and a great list of bloggers. I always enjoy hearing about different countries but it must be especially interesting for you to read about where you used to live. Best wishes.

  3. You have some lovely blogging friends, it is interesting to read about different countries and lifestyles and be part of the blogging community across the world. Thank you the links:)

  4. I enjoyed your post and also follow one or two of the blogs you mention. I look forward to your next five.


  5. I loved visiting your blogland friends. It is really interesting to see how things are done in different parts of the world. There are some very clever crafters out there, and some beautiful scenery photos. Kate x

  6. Thanks for these introductions! I'm off to see their blogs and am happy to have some new adventures.

  7. What a fun post! Always nice to meet different bloggers. I'll have a great time visiting them. Happy Friday!

  8. I know some of those bloggers very well (not personally) and enjoy those, too. Thanks for sharing. x

  9. I've just read about your 5 blog friends. It is amazing how some people become real friends even though you've never met them.
    I will check out Heidi's blog too.
    Thanks for commenting on mine,
    Have a great weekend,
    and keep smiling,
    Greetings from hot hot Spain,

  10. How lovely that you have got to know so many lovely people through blogging! That is what is all about really isn't it.

  11. Thank you, Pat! You have introduced me to several new blogs I hope to read, I read several of those blogs you mentioned, and I enjoy reading your blog! Please give Lily some love pats from me :) xx

  12. Hi Pat, thank you for including me in your 5 on Friday! I agree, that meeting people from all over the world has been the happy result of blogging. I hope you come back to visit Oregon and we can meet up in "real life". ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. Hello, Pat, so nice of you to include me in your list of 'favorites' - You are a dear, sweet favorite of mine, too! I know some of your other favorite ladies and will try to get to know the others, too. How fun that your daughter is blogging, too! Sending hugs xo Karen


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