Sunday, November 20, 2016

Weather, Shawls, Holidays & Lilly!

Hello my dear friends.  It's been a busy fall season for me with the usual business.  My husband and I are both retired but the business isn't retired.  It's become a bit of a joke between my husband and I as he is always telling me things will slow down and become easier.  I think he's dreaming as it's been busier than ever around here with selling property, managing property, setting up new accounts and everything else.  We've had the same bank for over 41 years - that's a long time.  And, we just completed moving our accounts to another bank.  It all came down to customer service and we are so, so happy with the move.  How I miss the old way of how things used to be.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that although my blog world consists of my knitting and other fun things, my real life is centered in the business world of things.  I know my way around the business world quite well because I have to.  But, my heart is really in my home and family.  So, at the end of the day, when my work is done, I so look forward to picking up my knitting needles and enjoying the world I love.  I don't know how I managed all those years when I had a real paying job and children to raise.  Maybe I survived because I was younger? Enough said. . .

My husband absolutely loves the water but I am more of a rain and clouds person.  We have had such a long, hot summer and fall here in southern California.  I am really looking forward to cooler temps.  I'm probably the opposite of most people as I like clouds, rain, mountains and trees; most people prefer sun, sand and water!  Keep your fingers crossed as we're suppose to get some rain on Sunday and Monday :)

In a previous post, I shared about this shawl I made.  I completed the shawl and just needed to block it but I was not happy with the size of it.  The photo above shows version #1 of this shawl.

Since I had so much yarn left over, I frogged the border and made the body of the shawl longer. I altered the design of the border.  It turned out great as you can see in version #2 above.  I just need to block it now and add the tassels (one day!)

One day this week, we took our lunch to the lake and ate by the shore and watched all the wildlife.  This is a manmade lake in our little city but it's so pretty; especially with all the different birds who flock to the shore.  The city will soon be hosting their Christmas tree lighting at the lake.  It makes for a beautiful site.

Speaking of Christmas, the holidays are fast approaching.  My family will be celebrating at my daughter and son-in-law's home.  She already has her menu printed and ready to go.  Isn't it lovely?   And, it's our family tradition to play monopoly until the wee hours of the morning.  Why?  Because, there's a pot of money the winner gets to take home!  I am in charge of making appetizers.  I'm thinking of doing some type of cheese puffs and maybe a meat empanada with dipping sauce.  

Ah, Lilly.  What can I say?  She is my constant companion.  I can't believe that she is 11 years young!  Poor little kitty, she has been a bit confused with the time change as her little built in clock tells her when it's time to eat.  Cats are such amazing creatures. 

That's about all that's happening around here.  Thank you for your kind comments and for visiting Lilly My Cat.  Lilly always loves to hear from you! 

With my best wishes,



  1. I think we survived those child raising years because we were younger. My grandchildren seem to wear me out at times! I am a rain clouds and woods person too. We lived in the desert for 8 years and I don't like sand, hot, and dust storms. Winter and fall are nice, and early spring. Your shawls are beautiful and Lily looks very content. ♡

  2. Hello Pat. It's good to be in contact again after my time out and, therefore, a blog break. It was good to go away, but equally nice to be back in our UK home. I must say I like being in a settled routine which is possible now. I can imagine that you appreciate relaxing with your knitting, other hobbies and being with your family once you've finished your day of doing business selling and managing property. Until a couple of years ago I was preparing paperwork for our accountant and it can be time consuming so I'm pleased I don't have that task now. Your plans for Christmas sound lovely. It's a while yet, but I'm sure you're looking forward to the holiday and family get together as we are here.

  3. Lily is so beautiful, our cats are glad to be indoors snuggled on the back of the sofas, keeping warm. Your shawl is lovely, I really like the border xx

  4. I am just the opposite ! I loved my job and was so unhappy when I had to retire. Finally I found my happiness in blogging ! I am not into house stuff, except decorations. And then I love sunshine, because I live in a rainy country ! In Belgium it rains all the time ! Looking back I also think how did I manage, working whole day, raising a kid and the whole household ?? Then I admire myself, lol !

  5. Vista was VERY wet but I enjoy the rain and it's a good way to get the car washed!

    The tough part for me is to remember to take shopping bags with me into supermarkets. Drats! However, I've learned that if bags are in the car I can take the 'trolley' out of the store and to the car and unload into the waiting bags - for easy take-into-house when I get home.

    Nice to see another person from southern CA.


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