Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fall. . . A Time for Family and Friends and Knitting of Course!

Hello my dear friends.  I'm writing you from hot, windy, southern California.  Those Santa Ana winds are still at it and the temperature is reading 95 degree outside this afternoon and it's November!
Warning:  don't worry as there are no political statements included in my post today :)

My dear aunt made me these cute little pilgrims years and years ago.  I still put them out each year for my fall decor.  They are filled with dried beans and their little heads are made out of wooden balls.  I love them because I have such wonderful memories of my dear Aunt Allene.  She was such a talented lady and could make anything out of whatever she had.  Her crochet work is exquisite as she crocheted with thread - not yarn.  And, of course she knitted and was also excellent at embroidery.   I had three aunts and she was the most talented.  And, may I add, that she worked full time all those years and raised her family.  She was favorite aunt and so special . . .

I celebrated my birthday last week and my dear daughter took me to the Purl Soho warehouse. I don't know if you are familiar with Purl Soho, but basically to me it's like the Pottery Barn for knitting and sewing.  They're located in NYC and my daughter was just in NYC last month.  I tell my daughter, who has impeccable taste and design skills, that if she knit, she would be addicted to Purl Soho!  It was by chance that I found out that Purl Soho's warehouse was in California, about 20 miles from my house.  I received five skeins of the lucious pure alpaca yarn shown above for my birthday gift from my children.  I can hardly wait to cast on for this project.
The Purl Soho warehouse was a warehouse setting and yet, there amid the shelves, where all the items that I see via your emails/newsletters/website.  Awhile ago, I had seen these unique bulb shape pins and there they were at the warehouse beckoning to me to buy them.  Of course I had to bring them home with me!  What am I going to do with them?  Maybe just admire their shape and color!

Speaking of knitting, I really don't have a yarn stash - just a handful of miscellaneous yarn that lives in my craft closet.  But, I had one skein of King Cole Comfort Chunky that was left over from another project.  I found the perfect pattern for this yarn and I'm so pleased with this little, teeny, tiny baby sweater that I knitted.  The designer of this pattern is Danish so of course, being Danish/American, I had to knit this.  You can find the pattern link here via my Ravelry page. 

Ah, Christmas . . . that special time of year that will soon be arriving.  I think I have the majority of my shopping done.  Basically, I ordered online from Nordstrom since they have free shipping - yah!  And, if something doesn't fit, it's easy to return it.  But, I ordered the SALE items on  I always love a bargain.  This year I ordered for the family a Fortnum and Mason Christmas hamper.  Since I had to pay 30 pounds shipping, I added on a few more items to my order.  But, after I signed into my account, they discounted almost every item!  I was so pleased because basically, it made me feel like the shipping costs were very reasonable.  I think the family will enjoy these goodies this holiday season. 

That about wraps it up as to what's been happening here at Lilly My Cat.  Monday morning I'm suppose to report for jury duty at 7:45 AM.  I've been called before for jury duty; once for superior court and once for federal court and both times I was excused.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and as always, I appreciate your taking your precious time to visit Lilly My Cat.
With my best wishes,

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  1. Oops, so sorry as two people just commented and I hit the wrong button and the comments vanished! If you wish to comment again (Janet and one other visitor), I will be sure to hit the right button to publish them. So sorry :(

  2. Hello Pat,
    I was quite horrified to find out Christmas is this near already. So I'm but crocheting Christmas presents at the moment. You're so fortunate to have all Christmas shopping done already!
    Enjoy your day,

  3. Hi, Pat, from Middle Europe!
    I do like your blog.

  4. Hello Pat! I enjoyed reading about your very creative aunt and about your Purl Soho "obsession":-). I use those pins as stitch markers sometimes.

  5. That baby sweater is just lovely! The little ribbon bow is darling. Your knitting is beautiful! I also love those little pilgrims, very sweet.

  6. I love the sound of that yarn shop Pat. Sadly in Jersey we have very few places to choose from so I have to do wool shopping online. Love your little baby jacket. Have a good weekend :) B x

  7. Happy belayed birthday ! these little pilgrim dolls are adorable !

  8. Re your comment on my blog. I know America very well, I had family there and have been there very often. Of course he can't do what he wants, Obama couldn't do neither ! We will see in the future, the problem is when there is no money, it's difficult to change something unless Trump puts his billions in the pot ! lol !

  9. Cute pilgrim dolls and with lots of good memories attached. :-) You are so fortunate to live so close to a very nice yarn shop. My closest is about an hour, and it has a limited supply. I have to order a lot on-line. The baby sweater us just beautiful! I love the ribbon you chose too. Just perfect!
    Thanks for stopping by.♥

  10. I absolutely adore the pilgrims. Oh wow you are so lucky to go to Purl Soho. For me that would be like winning the lottery. Very fancy hamper. I'm not thinking of Christmas until I sort out the little ones up coming birthday.

  11. The Purl Soho yarn looks fabulous, such a gorgeous colour and it looks so soft and cosy, I'm sure it will make something very special indeed. What a nice surprise to find your Fortnum and Mason goodies discounted, it's not very often that something like that happens.


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