Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sadie's Teaset

My little granddaughter is expected in arrive later this summer.  My daughter and son-in-law have been busy getting her nursery all ready for her.  Although she hasn't arrive yet, it's as though we really know and love her already.

Last week my daughter and I (and my little grandson) had a wonderful afternoon in San Clemente. We always head to the beach when we go there but this time we had a lovely lunch downtown and strolled through some of the interesting shops.

We happened upon the cutest gift shop where they had a collection of tea sets.  My daughter told me she wanted to get one for Sadie's nursery.  When I returned home, I set off shopping via the internet.  I'm a bit of a "dish snob" when it comes to dishes.  I wanted to get her a proper set, made in Germany.

After spending a couple of hours looking, I realized that I had a tea set!  She could have mine.  I hadn't opened it in years but I knew exactly where it was (which is a blessing since moving there are still items that are packed away).

Here is my tea set.  It is over 50 years old!

When I pulled it down from the cupboard, the poor old box almost gave way.

I unwrapped it and gave it a good washing. 
You can see that it was made in Japan.  
And, I even had the original wrappings....
After getting it all washed and dried, here are all the pieces.  I remember as a child putting mashed potatoes in the little covered casserole.  There was still salt and pepper in the shakers!
I hope that little Sadie will have many years of enjoyment with this little tea set

 Here it is all set up for her in her nursery.  

It's always a joy to find something old and bring it back to life to use again.  My dear daughter didn't play with this set as she loved her papers and pencils.  And, I'm amazed that all the pieces are here, intact, after all these years.  I think it was my brother who gave me this set.

It's Mother's Day tomorrow and I want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day.  Enjoy each day and I wish all of you the very best.

My best wishes to you,

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  1. That is an adorable tea set. Your granddaughter will no doubt love it. Children have such good imaginations. My daughter still has her china tea-sets, and happy memories of lots of picnics with the "stuffed aminals" and dolls.

  2. What a lovely set and how amazing that you have kept it intact all of these years. I remember having one myself many years ago - not as grand or as extensive as yours - buy me and my teddy bears (I wasn't a doll person) had many happy afternoon teas with it. JudyX

  3. How lovely that you are all ready and waiting for this little babe.


  4. It is a lovely gift to Sadie, she is going to love it once she is older, well she has to be born first!

  5. How wonderful that you still have your beautiful tea set and that all of the pieces are there and looking so pretty! A lovely heirloom to have passed on! xx

  6. What a beautiful tea set and so lovely that it has some history behind it to share with your new granddaughter!

  7. What a lovely gift for baby Sadie! Happy Mother's Day to you, I hope you've been thoroughly spoilt! xx

  8. What a fantastic tea set and I love the idea of it being passed down through the generations; I'm sure your granddaughter will love it. I'm just off for a little look at your nominations for the 2 Good Reads. Have a great week. xx

  9. Such a pretty little tea set and I'm sure it will be well used once she grows up a little.

  10. What a darling little teaset. I loved mine as a child and still love it now that my own dear little granddaughter plays with it. Yours is much fancier though, and I know your darling girl will love it too. Mimi xxx

  11. Oh, it's adorable. This set is more precious than any to be got from Germany on the Internet. It has that family history. What a lovely gift for your new baby Granddaughter. Love the name Sadie.

  12. Hi there - I'm visiting via the 'Two Good Reads' tag. What a gorgeous little tea set - and in its original box too - just perfect, I love it!

  13. What a beautiful tea set and how wonderful to be able to pass it on. It's so exciting preparing to welcome a little one into this world. X

  14. Awww I had not thought about it for a long time, I still have parts of tea sets I ha when I was a young girl. How nice that you can pass it down, I hope it is enjoyed.

    Thanks for sharing on the Oh My Heartsie Girls WW this week and the mention!!
    Hope you enjoy your day!!

  15. How very sweet to pass along this precious little treasure! It is quite special with all the various pieces still intact. I just unpacked my own girl's tea sets from when they were young. They were well played with and missing pieces, but they are still very sweet. Congratulations on your upcoming Granddaughter! xo Karen

  16. Hi Pat,
    That is wonderful that you still had your little teaset to pass down to someone so precious. It's a really cute set!
    Thanks so much for your recent visit to my antique card album posts, so glad you enjoyed reading it.
    Have a great rest of your week,

  17. Oh Pat, I love that you found your own tea set to give! That makes it much more special! Our daughter also has some that we cherish. Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week!

  18. What a cute little tea set! I think passing your own special set on to your granddaughter will make it much more of a treasure to her. It looks so special in the cabinet :)


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