Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Rainy Weekend with Lilly

Hello my dear friends.  It's Lilly here writing today.  My Mom is busy taking care of the grandchildren so she suggested that I write this blog post.

I woke up to drizzly, gray weather today so I've had to stay indoors.  I missed walking around the pool and looking for geckos.  But, as you can see in this photo, I found my Mom's lily bouquet and chewed on the leaves.  I know, it's a no no so she put the vase up on the fireplace; away from me and the grandchildren.

My parents took an overnight trip this past week to eastern San Diego county.  My Mom loves the drive there since it's very scenic and such a natural setting.  (They actually spent the night at the Pala Resort).  I missed them but I enjoyed my alone time, too.

Can you believe that my Mom still irons?  She irons every Tuesday and has for years and years.  Who in the world irons sheets and pillowcases in this day and age?  She insists on ironing and it really puzzles me. . .

I'm not a lover of sweet things (I prefer fish and savories), but Mom made a country style apple pie.  It's her own recipe using her standard pie crust recipe along with sliced apples, a few wild frozen blueberries, with a tad bit of butter and some brown sugar and maple syrup.  It smelled heavenly.

As you probably know, I'm a lover of birds - all kinds of birds.  Look what I spied this week near the pool.  Two beautiful little doves.  I sometimes hear them cooing.  Such delicate little birds.

This is the first time I'd have such a close look at these birds.  After they flew away, we had two Canadian geese land in the pool.  Oh my, was my Dad upset as they make a huge mess.  They are so majestic though and flew away.

Earlier in the week my parents went to the beach to have lunch.  It was a lovely, spring day and they enjoyed it very much.  The day before, there had been a shark sighting at the same beach.  Scary stuff! (My Mom "stole" the photo above from my Sister who is an excellent photographer)

Well guys, here I am, relaxing in my recliner chair.  I'm a bit upset since the grandchildren have come over and taken over all my favorite spots to nap.  But, I will survive.

I hope each of you have a wonderful weekend wherever you may be.  It's always good to hear from you and I send you and my furry friends a big MEOW.

Hugs from,



  1. Lily is very beautiful! that pie looks and sounds very good! to have routines is a very good thing! I admit that I don't iron much unless I am sewing. God bless you all!

  2. Your pie looks divine! I'm glad your husband ran the Canada Geese out, they do poop a LOT! Lilly is really gorgeous! Have a wonderful Sunday and week ahead. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Arh lovely post from Lilly. She's a beauty and very entertaining. I hate ironing but try and do little and often. It's out of control atm! Your pie looks nice, unfortunately for me I can't eat apples (sorbitol content). Take care, Cathy x

  4. Lilly you know you must stay away from those flowers, my mum does not have them in the house, grandchildren can be such a pain, when baby Will is here he chases me around the room, mum laughs at him, I don't see what is funny, love your post, Purdy cat xxx

  5. Miss Kitty is a bird lover too and finds doves especially tasty,,,,er,,,, lovely to watch.

  6. Lily, you are one beautiful cat! I'm glad you enjoyed your time home without the parental units. I trust you were a good girl. I'm glad Mom and Dad had fun on their trip.

    FWIW, I iron some things still. Not as much as I used to (and I've never ironed sheets), but the lost art of ironing is still carried on by some of us - to the great puzzlement of many others, so you're in good company. Tell your Mom "Hi", and that her apple pie looks wonderful!

  7. I confess that I still do quite a lot of ironing, including bedding. I put my favourite radio programme on and away I go! I love getting into bed freshly made with crisply ironed bedding. :)

    Lily, you adorable girl, stick to chasing geckos! Sparky and Millie send their love.

  8. Hello, Lily (and Pat),
    You ask who irons these days, well, I do! Or rather, husband does this for me much of the time. There is nothing nicer than freshly launderd and well-ironed cotton bed linen, white of course rather than brightly coloured, and smelling of fresh air if line-dried or if a tumble dryer has been used, then sprayed with a lavender linen spray. It really is worth ironing to have lovely smooth bed linen, Lily!
    Margaret P

  9. Hi Lilly, you look very relaxed in your favorite chair! The doves are very pretty and their coo's are so soothing, too. Glad that your Mom and Dad were able to get away after all that ironing, pie baking, geese chasing and babysitting :) The delicious-looking pie is making me hungry. Enjoy your weekend and hope you have your favorite spots back again. xo


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