Sunday, February 18, 2018

Some Old and Some New

Greetings my friends on a chilly Sunday afternoon.  It was a lovely, warm day today until a couple of hours ago and the cold weather from up North has made it to SoCal.  We're suppose to have freezing temps these next few nights!  I know, I shouldn't complain but it is unusual for most folks who live down here :)

There's so many things I want to share with you and write about.  But, sometimes I am at a loss for words.  My heart is heavy these past few days with yet another school shooting.  I admire those high school students who are now speaking up and I am with them all the way.  One day I will tell you the story about the school shooting that took place in our little town in Eastern Washington.  That will be for another time.

Besides babysitting my little grandchildren these past few days (morning, noon and night), I had a dinner party last week.  It's always enjoyable for me to plan the menu, set the table and all the other things that are needed.

This time I decided to use my Mom's Community Silverplate.  This flatware and chest have been around for as long as I can remember.  I think my Mom would have purchased it back in the early 1950's.  After my Mom passed away back in 1993, I kept this as a keepsake and didn't use it.  Until last weekend. . .

It so happened that I rediscovered this flatware through a dear blog friend I recently met via her blog.  Margaret has the same flatware and had written about it on her blog.  Of course I commented to say I have the same pattern!
It was so interesting to learn about the history of this flatware pattern.  The name of the pattern in the US is Coronation.  In the UK, it is known as Hampton Court.  Originally, it was designed and introduced back in 1936, in honor of Edward VIII becoming King of England.  Of course, as you know, he abdicated the throne to marry Wallis Simpson.  Hence, the name was changed for the UK market but stayed the same for the US.  When I set my table last weekend I found that I do have a complete service for 8 along with an extra  dinner fork along with 8 extra teaspoons.  So, I hurried over to Ebay where I found a matching knife and dessert fork so that my set can now serve 9.  Hopefully, one day I can pass this set onto my little granddaughter for the next generation. 

Now for the new, the bed is complete.  After the bed arrived, it was another two weeks for the mattress to arrive via Costco.  It worked out great as Costco's price and quality couldn't be matched at the places I checked out.

Lilly was quite pleased to check out the new blanket and gave her approval :)

Between watching the little ones, cooking and cleaning and the never ending paperwork, I started on my new sock pattern.  It's a fun easy pattern and I love the yarn.  However, I'm finding it's a bit hard to work in the evenings as the dark yarn against the dark needles can be trying.

Yesterday, my husband and I had a wonderful time with an impromptu dinner at the beach followed by grocery shopping at my favorite Persian market.  So, there's plenty of goodies to make some nice dishes for the upcoming week.  I'll sign off now since my homemade vegetable soup is ready to serve along with homemade corn muffins.  It's cold outside!

It's always a joy to hear from you.  Please feel free to say "hi" if you  wish.

Until next time,



  1. Hi Pat

    Looks like I can finally leave a comment! Wordpress won’t let me, but I can do so as ‘anonymous’.

    Persian market sounds interesting.

    I was interested to read in previous posts about your Danish heritage and the Norwegian group you are in...

    Last year my husband did a professional course in Copenhagen and I met him there when it finished. Loved it!

    We then went on a Baltic cruise and finished off with a week in Norway - my husband is of Norwegian descent and we met long-lost family members there, mainly in Stavanger.


  2. We are on babysitting duties this week, we always have Will on a Monday, but here is here all day Thursday as well and a sleepover on Friday night, I have crochet for when he is playing and sleeping. Love your cutlery, we have a posh set, not inherited, but a birthday gift on my 40th, which we choose together. We managed to buy a stainless steel set which matched for every day use, quite handy when we need more then 8 sets.

  3. What an interesting post Pat. I love the small mementoes that we have from our mums. I don't have a lot as mum was not a person interested in possessions, and there are (were) eight of us to divide what little she did have, but I do have little bits all over the house that immediately remind me of something she did or said.
    You dinner table looks wonderful, and it is great to be able to use the dinner service for it.
    The bed looks very 'inviting' and if Lilly has given her approval, I am sure it is as comfortable as it looks.
    We are hopefully drawing to the end of the coldest winter since we came out here, and certainly the most drawn out one, but we have had some beautiful days as well, and have eaten lunch outside several times. We just have to make sure we come in as soon as the sun goes behind the roof top, baton down the hatches and light the fire for the evening, because the temperature still drops drastically at night.
    Blessings. Kate x

  4. What a beautiful table Pat, I do love a chandelier, and I love your candle holders, you have very good taste. x

  5. Yum, soup and corn muffins. I may have to make that this week. I like that you used your mother's flatware. My 90 year old mom has her own set and her mother's set. These will be passed on to my two children. I inherited my paternal grandmother's set. I use it for every special occasion and holiday. When I inherited it all the pieces were still in their original plastic wrappings....never used. How sad. I hope you use yours more often now. Your socks are such a pretty color, but I can see how night-time knitting would be difficult with that color.

  6. Beautiful pattern. How nice to host a meal. Love your bed, Lily has good taste.

  7. Its always a plus when the cat[s] approve of our bedding choices! Your dining room looks so elegant.

  8. I'm planning on trying the Winter Roses pattern in one of my next sock knits.

    I have a baby spoon that is in that silverware pattern - I never knew anything about it, so I learned a lot here!

  9. Your table looks amazing Pat. I love it, and especially those wonderful candleholders. The new bed looks fab too. My mum had bone handled cutlery but I didn't like it so mine does not have any attached heritage. I bought it as a canteen in a nice box but after a few months got thoroughly fed up of putting it away on a daily basis so it now lives rather inelegantly in a drawer!

  10. Oh my gosh. MY grandma may have had that pattern! I LOVE the look of your sock pattern. Im going to look it up now. thanks

  11. What a beautiful table-setting for your dinner party, Pat, and the silver is the perfect, special touch. I do love your china, too. Lily looks perfectly content with her pretty new bed :) So nice to have the grands for a while, but I know how they can wear a Grandma out! Lovely to have a nice dinner out and a bit of shopping. We have snow here and freezing temps, too after I was sure that spring was just around the corner. Oh well. Old Man Winter is not giving up his post yet. Your socks are a lovely color. Hugs xo Karen

  12. I'm pretty sure older family members had the same silver ware or close to it. It's so nice to see you using yours. Mum has a china cabinet for her good wares, I always thought they should be used.

  13. I thought I posted here, guess not! love your new bed, and that table setting and silverware is so nice! beautifully done!


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