Saturday, February 3, 2018

My Universe is Complete

Hello my friends.  Do you like the title of my post?  Haha, a play on words.  My Sophie's Universe blanket is finally completed! It's new home will be in Turkey.

You may remember that I began this project back in July of 2017.  I diligently worked on it every day until I left for Turkey and when I returned home, it kind of sat in a bag in the closet.

But, like many of you, I hate to have unfinished projects.  So, since the middle of January I have been working to get this blanket completed.  I added my own design for the border (starts with the green leaves shown above), as I loved doing the red roses and wanted to incorporate it the edging. It's such an intricate designed blanket that I felt it needed a little more pizazz for a border.

Here's the little bag of yarn leftovers from this project.  I must say, this blanket is a yarn eater!  Originally, I purchased 15 shades of yarn but ended up using 13 skeins.  I had purchased this yarn to make another Attic24 coastal ripple blanket in a different color combination. But, after working on it awhile, I frogged it.  My inspiration for this blanket was Kate over at Kate's Adventures; look at her gorgeous blanket she made! Isn't it amazing with that additional border? I ran out of energy and yarn to make my blanket any larger. . .  

I completed my Vintage Fairy Lights socks.  This was a fun and easy knit from talented designer Helen Stewart.  I'm now awaiting to begin The Handmade Sock Society.  My new DPNs and sock yarn are ready! 

It's Saturday night here and my little grandchildren just left.  My dear children pictured above, took off for a short 3 day cruise.  So, I and my dear son-in-law along with my dear husband, took care of the little ones.  It was a fun time for all.  We will all be cruising together later in the summer.  

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday and I know absolutely nothing about football.  But, we will celebrate on this day nonetheless.

Take care my dear friends and thank you again for all your great advice regarding my new bed.  The bed arrived a week ago, is all put together and now I'm waiting on the new mattress.  Patience. . .

With my best wishes,



  1. Stunning finish, I have never made a blanket that large, I stop at cot size.

  2. Beautiful blanket. Blankets take forever, I work on one, put it down, take it up and it takes forever. So congratulations on finishing yours.

  3. Pat your blanket is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the socks. Nice for you to have some family fun time with your loved ones. x

  4. That blanket is gorgeous. It is so nice that you had some time alone with the grandchildren.

  5. What a stunning blanket! Thank you for visiting and leaving such nice words.x

  6. Well done Pat. Your Sophie's Universe if gorgeous. You finished it much faster than I did. Mine is on our bed and we have been very grateful for it during this cold spell which has lasted much longer than is normal for S.Spain! It did take a lot of yarn didn't it? I am now making one that is lots of little squares, which are easier for me to handle right now, and that is going to be lighter in weight and is making up much faster.
    The socks are fun, so enjoy making more of them.
    Enjoy the football. I don't understand all the hype, but my husband sat up half the night to watch some of it, and is just now watching a recording of the rest, so to each his own. Kate x

  7. What a stunning blanket, absolutely beautiful. I've got two crochet blankets on the go but I've stalled with them, they've been wanting finishing for ages but my crochet mojo has up and left, it's all about the knitting for me at the moment. I love your socks, a pretty pattern and gorgeous yarn.

  8. Your blanket is beautiful, Pat! I'm in awe of your knitting skills! It really is a work of art. Love the socks, too. Grandchildren time is the best and how sweet that your children took a cruise together. It's always a blessing when grown children are still close. Hope your week is lovely. xo Karen

  9. Just wanted to thank you for your thoughtful message that you left at my blog. It means a lot.


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