Sunday, December 10, 2017

~~~ A Norwegian Christmas Luncheon ~~~

Hello my dear friends.  Here I am writing about Christmas and we're having temps in the high 80's today!  I'm still not used to being in  California for Christmas.  Last week my beloved Daughters of Norway lodge held their Christmas luncheon.

Our dear member, Gerd, opened up her home to host the luncheon for us.  The tables were beautifully decorated with the holiday theme.

The tree was aptly decorated and we placed our exchange gifts under the tree.

Our hostess had many beautiful Christmas scenes throughout her home but I loved seeing these Nissemen in their holiday finery.

Some of our members wore their Bunads, the national dress of Norway.  Pictured above is Berit on the left along with Carla.  Berit brought Carla her bunad from Norway this past year and it fits her perfect.  I love the embroidered designs and the bag.  The style of the bunad is based on what part of Norway you come from. 

There were more tables set up in the kitchen where all the food and activity was taking place.  We had pickled herring on brown bread for appetizers and it was yummy.

It was soon time to take our place at our assigned table.  Pictured in the glass dish is lingonberry sauce from Scandinavia.  It went so well with the entree.

We sang table grace in Norwegian before beginning our meal.

Speaking of food, here is what we feasted on; Norwegian meatballs with brown gravy, pork sausage, boiled red potatoes, browned cabbage, red cabbage, and a lovely Christmas colored salad with fresh vegetables.  It was delicious.

After our main course, we had dessert and coffee and then departed to the living room to have our gift exchange. 

It was such a lovely afternoon, spent together with dear friends and to continue the experience of Scandinavian customs.  Being Danish, I'm going to have this same menu for my family on Christmas Eve.  It's a tradition that we have had for many years, dating from the time when I was young and my Danish grandma would be in charge of our Christmas Eve meal.  I warms my heart to be able to carry on this tradition for my family and my grandchildren.

If you are of Scandinavian descent and are interested in joining a lodge, please take a look at Daughters of Norway or the  Danish Sisterhood of America.  They have lodges throughout the United States and are most welcoming to new members.

Do you realize that Christmas Eve is two weeks from today?  My home is decorated, the presents wrapped and now I will start my Christmas baking - my favorite part! Have a blessed week everyone and I will be back again to share some more happenings.  And, Lilly, my cat is doing very well.

With my best wishes,


PS Thank you dear Heidi for my new blog design.  The header photo is from my beloved Gig Harbor, Washington. 


  1. Your table and tree look Gorgeous and the food looks very good Pat, you did a lovely job. x

  2. The Norwegian traditions are very interesting. I love the costumes and seasonal decorations. I'm glad to know that Lilly is doing well.

  3. How wonderful to celebrate your heritage this way. I'm such a mixed bag, I guess I could choose, I'm Irish, American Indian, German and English.

  4. how pretty!!! What a nice time you had and the hostess had a beautiful table and home!!! so glad you had this nice time!!!

  5. wow looks like a lovely time- how beautifully decorated and food looked yum :) glad you had fun x

  6. Your blog looks so pretty... and it looks like you had a fabulous afternoon. We've had masses of real snow here in the UK. Disruptive, but a nice excuse to stay at home and potter. Jx

  7. What a lovely dinner and gift exchange, dear Pat! How nice to celebrate your heritage in this wonderful way. Love the beautiful tables and delicious food. The lingonberry sauce looks especially yummy. Your blog looks so pretty all decorated for Christmas, too. Glad to hear that Lilly is feeling better! Hope you have a lovely week in the kitchen. Hugs xo Karen

  8. what a fun time, lovely decorations and clothes to wear. We are all decorated and my son is here, next week our daughter and son in law will arrive. Busy times!!

  9. What a lovely time, Pat. I have visited Denmark and Norway and loved the experience. It is indeed lovely to be able to pass down traditions and keep them alive.


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