Monday, November 20, 2017

Chinese Tea in a Tangerine via NYC

Hi everyone.  I hope your week is off to a great start. It's quiet around here after babysitting my little grandchildren last week.  As you may recall, my daughter Heidi went to New York City last week and brought me...
This little ball of Chinese pu-erh tea, all wrapped up in this pretty little package. 

 She bought it at McNulty's Tea and Coffee in NYC.  They have been in business since 1895 and have a huge array of coffees and tea.

The tea has been cured in a hollowed out tangerine.  As you can see, the peel is completely dried and the top of the tea has some dried peel too.  Inside, there is black tea without any additions.

I was excited to try it.  I warmed my vintage Japanese teapot and put in a spoonful of the tea, added the freshly boiled water and let it sit.  When I poured it into my Japanese teacup, I was amazed at the lovely, deep, golden red color.  The taste was heavenly.  Thank you Heidi!

Speaking of Heidi, she will be hosting our Thanksgiving this year as she has done every year since 2008.  She's already printed out her menus as shown above.  I will be bringing some pre dinner snacks of Scottish sausage rolls along with some giant stuffed olives I found at World Market.  It's our family tradition to play Monopoly each Thanksgiving evening.  It will be a fun, family day.
Heidi sent me a copy of this menu from The Plaza Hotel in NYC from 1899.  Look at those prices! 

She and my son-in-law went to The Plaza to enjoy drinks one afternoon.  Don't you just love the traditional decor?  It's my favorite style!

Heidi's favorite movie from childhood is Home Alone Lost in New York.  I think she has every scene in that movie memorized.  She tells me this is the Plaza hotel lobby where Kevin asks where the swimming pool is located.  

Thanksgiving will soon be here and then the holiday season will be in full swing.  We're hoping to get our Christmas tree on Saturday but in the meantime, we're suppose to high record high temps in the high 80's on Thanksgiving day!

Have a wonderful day everyone and thank you for stopping by.

My best wishes to you,



  1. That tea looks heavenly. Looking forward to our trip to NYC

  2. That tea looks like such a treat to me! Love that your friend has a menu for the holiday!

  3. I do enjoy tea, the one you have there sounds very good. Love the hotel decor.

  4. What a lovely tea gift that your daughter brought back for you, dear Pat! Love the old menu - my how prices have changed. The hotel is gorgeous - all my favorite colors. I hope that you have a lovely Thanksgiving day with your family! Hugs xo Karen

  5. How lovely that tea is presented, it looks so much more special than if it had been sold in a bag. I wonder if Heidi has room for another one at her Thanksgiving table, her menu sounds delicious.

  6. Fascinating about the tea. Hope you enjoy yourself at Thanksgiving day xx

  7. how neat about the tea! Lovely tea pot and cup you used also!!! what a classy place, I love that decor also! I am going into NYC next week but not for that much fun as much as routine things. But sometime I should see about some of these places! :) Have a blessed Thanksgiving! Neat about playing monopoly!!!

  8. little ball of Chinese tea looks beautiful.Love the tea jar. Happy Thanksgiving:)

  9. The gift of tea from Heidi looks interesting and I'm sure she and her husband had a wonderful time in New York. An afternoon at the Plaza Hotel must be a thrilling experience. Wishing you an enjoyable Thanksgiving meal and time with your family.

  10. How LOVELY... your tea... and the Plaza. What a treat to go there! Your feast for Thanksgiving sounds delicious... Hope you had a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving! :)


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