Saturday, September 30, 2017

Needlepoint and Turkiye

Greetings my friends. I hope your day is going well.  I'm sitting out on the balcony enjoying the clouds moving past and the sounds of thunder.  It poured rain earlier today.  I love rain and clouds...

I also love needlepoint.  I discovered this amazing craft two years ago.  My dear friend Nadia, who is an expert at this craft, helped me to get started.

This is my latest piece I completed.  It's a kit from England called Evening Light Westminster. It was so bumpy and skewed when completed but it came out perfect after being framed.

Here's my collection so far.

This is the second piece I made.  It's an iconic scene called The Angelus.

And, here is my very first piece of needlepoint that I made.  Although the wool wasn't great quality. I think the depth of this piece is the best. It's a pastoral scene.

Would you believe I had all three of these pieces custom framed for less than $50.00?  Yes! I had them framed in Turkey.

We discovered a huge art store a couple of years ago.  We bought some paintings along with these hand painted decor items.  As you can see, they're my favorite gold, faux French design.  If I could, my whole household would be like this!

The framed needlepoint pictures are staying in Turkey, adding decor to our home, little by little.

My OCD doesn't allow me to sit down and rest unless I'm working on something; i.e., knitting, crocheting, needlepoint.  On my last shopping day in Turkey, I stumbled across a wonderful yarn shop. Oh my, was I in heaven!  They also had lots of European needlepoint canvases.  There was one I wanted to buy but will wait until next time as I have a large canvas waiting to be started.

My secret wish is that I wish I could do embroidery/crewel work.  I'm fascinated by antique needlework pieces.  There was an advertisement in a needlework magazine I subscribe to. It was for a ten day needlework tour in England. I'd love to go to this but my skills are zero...and the cost was a little too much at £8,000+...maybe one day.

Thank you dear friends for visiting today.

With my best wishes,



  1. Your needlepoint is simply beautiful. :-)

  2. Your needlepoint is simply beautiful. :-)

  3. Beautiful work, really like the last one.. I remember having a lot of things framed when we lived in Turkey because it was so reasonable.

  4. how fun! :) beautiful work!!! the framing is lovely!!! well done!

  5. Amazing! The scene called 'The Angelus' brings back memories to me, because my great-grandmother had a reproduction of it in her living room.
    Enjoy your 'paintings', your walls will never be boring! :-)

  6. I agree, your work is just beautiful.

  7. Congrats on completing such lovely work :D I can empathize with the needing something in your hands. I can't sit down in front of the television without something to do besides stare at it.

    Yarn shops, bead shops art shops, aren't they all wonderful...and detrimental to bank balances - you were very good in not purchasing that one you wanted. I would have broken, guaranteed. You have my admiration :D

    Hope you had a fabulous weekend.

    Best wishes,

  8. Your needlework pictures are amazing. And I'm amazed you were able to get them all framed for such a good price. I used to do crewel work and am trying to get back to embroidery (in a small way). I would imagine if you enjoy needle point, you could do crewel work pretty easily. I realize the stitching techniques are different, but it's all the same needle and thread/wool. Being confident in handling those things is half the knowledge/exprience needed. :)

  9. Your needlepoint pictures are beautiful. I like the subjects you chose to work on. The Angelus suddenly reminded me of a favourite print of the painting my Mum had in her house. I'm doing my crocheting at the moment, but would like to start some needlepoint. In Italy I buy sets in the market where they are cheaper than in the UK and work on a picture when I'm there. This form of craft is easier on my eyesight these days than cross stitch. Wishing you a good week and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment. It was good to hear from you and now catch up on your news.

  10. Hello, Dear Pat, I don't know how I missed this post, but I wanted to catch up and let you know how beautiful your needlework is! Such patience and dedication! My dear Mother used to do needlework, but sadly I didn't get any of her pieces as I have 4 sisters who took them all. I like to do embroidery, but have never tackled something so detailed as these. They are just lovely. Your hand-painted pieces are beautiful, too. Love the view from your balcony in Turkey. Hugs xo Karen


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