Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday's Ten Random Things

Hello friends, It's Saturday morning here and I just read Janet's blog and her take on Ten Random Things who got the idea from Amy over at Love Made My Home.    So, here are mine . . .

#1 I have enjoyed the weather this week with the cloud cover.  My plants enjoy it too.  This lovely trailing plant is growing over the wall from the neighbor's garden.  The neighbors are having a party tonight supposedly with music.  Too bad they didn't invite us :(

#2 Lilly has to be in the center of everything!  She's a curious kitty but so loved.

#3 Thursday night my dear husband and I headed off to the beach to have dinner at our favorite restaurant.  But, there was NO parking anywhere to be found.  We decided to go back home via Pacific Coast Highway and found a new lovely restaurant on the harbor.  It was a fun evening after all!

#4 I am addicted to making my Sophie's Blanket and also to my teacup/tea collection.  Here's the new teacup I just had to have.  It's Wild Strawberries by Wedgewood.  I originally saw this pattern on the Japanese TV show I watch "At Home with Venetia in Kyoto".  Venetia is from England and has the most lovely collection of different china.  The tea is Fortmason from Fortnum and Mason.  A lovely black tea scented with orange.

#5 My children are off camping this weekend.  I love how scenic this campsite is although I don't now exactly where they are.

#6 My daughter ordered some new Tory Burch flats and asked if I wanted a pair.  I liked these gold ones but for some reason, they really don't fit my feet.  Having a bunion doesn't help either!

#7 I did my grandma duty this week of babysitting.  They soon will be turning 8 and 2!  Time goes by so fast.  I'm lucky that I'm just a few minutes down the road from where they live.

#8  I really have enjoyed the cloud cover these past few days.  I'm not a fan or sunny, blue skies!  The sun kills me (although the UV rays are just as bad with clouds).  We're having some monsoon moisture coming our way which is a bit unusual for us down here in SoCal.

#9 My "to do project" which will be a DIY.  I bought these handmade Mexican tiles last month in San Diego.  I'm going to apply them to the wall where the outside bar-b-que area is.  I don't have enough so these will be intermixed along with some large, plain tiles.  Question is; when will I get this done?

#10 We found a new coffee place.  I'm not a fan of Starbucks (sorry but the inside of their messy stores upsets my OCD).  But, there is a little lane of old houses in San Juan Capistrano and one of them has the cutest coffee shop with beans roasted onsite.  You can sit outside in their garden under the trees and savor your cup of coffee!  Heavenly.

That's is for me.  I hope your weekend is off to a great start wherever you are!

With my best wishes,



  1. Great randoms! Those tiles are gorgeous. We use to love driving over to San Juan Capistrano and finding new places to eat. Hate Starbucks, their coffee tastes burned and I don't like drinking out of paper cups.

  2. Great pictures! Your cat is just like one of mine cats, wherever I'm sitting, he will be sitting right in front of me on table or next to me. It is so sweet but sometimes just a little bit annoying too , when he decides to take a nap on my crochet project :-)
    I can tell by that one picture and those few sentences that you are very proud of your grandchildren and that you love them very much :-) They look very sweet (at least their backside, haha).
    Enjoy your blanket and have a nice day, Sigrid

  3. An interesting collection. I love the one of Lilly just daring to touch the bag of wool, just like one of mine does. The Mexican tiles are beautiful. At first glance I thought they were crocheted squares! I am so glad you are enjoying making your Sophie blanket. I bet it won't take best part of three years for you to finish yours. I am pretty occupied with visitors now until the end of the summer, so I will have to get back into it when the cooler days of Autumn come. Kate x

  4. Arh, love seeing Lilly and yarny goodness together in the same photo. Cathy x

  5. Love the Mexican tiles! They are joyful and happy. Wishing you a great week. x

  6. always nice to read about things in your life! I could not wear those shoes either, too narrow. And I have narrow feet; but I need more wide wiggle room shoes with good arch support! :)

    Hope you have a nice week coming up! Sounds like you had some nice times and had some yummy food! :) God bless and keep you!!!

  7. Great to read your 10 random things! They are far better than mine were!! Thank you for linking to me.

  8. Coffee, tea, children and kitty. What a nice way to salvage night out. You found a new place! I can't buy shoes online ever. I have a hard time finding shoes that don't bother my feet (I need a wide toe box) or my sciatica. Even after buying in a shoe store, I wear them around the house on my carpet before committing to them. I love those tiles. I hope you find the time to complete your project. It would be a shame not to use them.

  9. I enjoyed your randoms, especially sweet Lily and your pretty new teacup. The tiles are so beautiful - I hope you find some time to set them. Your little grands are so sweet. They do grow so fast, sometimes I wish I could just stop time! I hope you have a lovely week and send some of that rain up here! Hugs xo Karen

  10. What a lovely varied blogpost. So much to see!
    I love Sophie's blanket and have seen Kate's finished article. I'm sure you will enjoy the process as much as Kate did.
    The tiles are beautiful. At first glance I thought they were more crochet squares! Lol!
    Your tea cup is exquisite. Very pretty and so typical English.
    The ballerinas are very pretty. But the Price is extortionate and I would refuse them out of principle just for that.I don't think it's a question of quality. Ballerina's are just that. I suppose the gold layer costs as gold is expensive. I don't pay much over $10 for a pair here. Mostly less as I like to color coordinate and have them in different colours.
    I like the photo of your grandchildren in the rain. Nice photo. AS is the camping photo. I hope it's not the same family. It's horrible to be camping in the rain.
    It's great you found a nice coffee shop AND a super restaurant to go to. Well done you.
    I enjoyed Reading about your random things.
    Have a good week and give that cat of yours a big cuddle from me.

  11. I enjoyed each and every photo you posted.. I love the story of setting out to go to a favorite restaurant and then having the serendipity of finding another one with a good view. You're lucky to have your grandkids so close. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. I enjoyed reading about your ten random things that helped me to get to know you better, Pat. Thanks for posting :) xx


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