Sunday, April 9, 2017

Asking for your Prayers and Hope for our Shattered World . . .

I wasn't planning on writing this blog post.  But, I woke up this morning and I felt so sad.  I'm speaking of the horrific attacks on the Coptic Christian churches in Egypt.  This time the violence hit too close to home.  I'll explain . . .

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post on my other blog.  I was feeling sad and a bit sorry for myself.  But,  today I had a real wake up call.  I have nothing to be sad about in my life here in a free country.  A country where I can worship and do as I wish.  Egypt's Coptic Christians are marked from the time they are born.  How would you like to have a national ID card and your religion affiliation is mandatory on your ID?  That's how it is in Egypt.  And, your religion follows you 24/7 throughout your life.  It's a sad, sad case.

Copts make up about 10% of Egypt's population.  I go to a Coptic American church here in southern California.  We have lots of Coptic churches here in my area.  The reason the Copts immigrate to North America is because they truly have freedom of religion.  Yes, they do have churches in Egypt but their churches are filled to the brim with worshipers and the government doesn't allow them to build new churches.

As Americans, we complain of such mundane issues compared to rest of the world.  How about the terrible attack on little, innocent children that took place this last week in Syria?  You wake up and have survived but rest of your family have perished.  Family plays a main role in the middle east.  My heart goes out to these people, too.

What really got my feathers ruffled, so to speak, is I watched ABC news tonight and the announcer who covered the church attack in Egypt was quick to say how Egypt's leader is responsible for human rights abuses and a dictator.  Are you kidding me?   We are not talking about President Sisi. . . we are talking about innocent lives that were taken today in a cowardly attack!

When I said it hit close to home, the church in Alexandria, St. Mark, is the same parish that my husband's nephew and his family attend.  Thank the Lord that they are OK.  Please prayer for this shattered world that we are in and for all those who lives drastically changed today.

With my deepest sympathy to those suffering,



  1. Very touching post. Sorry that your family members live under such oppression and in such danger. I'm glad to hear that they're safe after today's tragedy. Praying here.

  2. I missed your other post (sorry!).... first, we are praying so much for Egypt and the world!!! Lord have mercy!!! Yes, we are so blessed here! May God have mercy on us in this blessing! ... Second, I do hope you can find a church to go to for Holy Week. It really does take time to find a new church and I think part of it is that you need to just go to one and stick with it, takes time to get to know people or feel at home. You know I know this!!! We are still making our way in all of our transitions, but it gets better, just needs a lot of time and persistence and then more time and persistence. Will pray for you. God's blessings and light to you!!! I know how hard it is to lose a beloved place and parish!!!

  3. It's a sad scary world we live in. So glad your family is safe. I will never, never understand this type of violence.

  4. I'm so sorry that this horrific tragedy has hit so 'close to home' with your husband's nephew and family. I can't wrap my mind around why mankind is so cruel and heartless to one another. We do have to be grateful for our freedoms here. I will pray for all the innocent people who suffer these terrible oppressions. xx Karen

  5. I'm praying with you, Pat. The part of morning prayer of intercession has deeper meaning for me now..."More especially have mercy upon Your servants who are under persecution for Your sake and for the sake of the Orthodox faith..."


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