Sunday, August 14, 2016

Knitting Update: Sweater, Sweater and Shawl!

It is hot here!  Summer is still here and it's decided to give us another heatwave down here in southern California.  I'm really looking forward to cooler weather.  How is it where you are dear readers?  I know there's too much rain in some parts of our country; how I wish that rain could reach dry, parched California.  The drought has really started to take it's toll as you can now see old, established trees that are dying or dead.  Sad times..

But, on a brighter note, here's what I've been working on.  I knitted two little sweaters for my dear granddaughter whose birthday will be this coming week.  She's turning one year old.

First up is the Flowertot Sweater which I made from Australian super washed wool that I received in my Little Woollie Yarny Love Club. The buttons are made from Liberty of London fabric and were also included in the box!

This was so much fun to knit and design the color scheme as I went along.  The original pattern called for leaves all the way around but I thought that may be a bit too much.  I hope Sadie will like this!

Next up is the Charlie girl sweater.  Last year I had purchased five skeins of Brown Sheep cotton fleece to make myself a sweater.  It didn't work...the pattern size as wrong and I didn't care for the look of the yarn.  I was determined not to "waste" this yarn so here's one of the items I made from it.

I tweaked the pattern a bit and added an edging around the collar and only did an edging on the buttonhole side of the yoke.  I found these bow buttons online and thought that they coordinated quite well with the bow in the back. 

Lastly, here is the first shawl I completed from the Shawl Society.  It looks bigger than it really is as it's more a shawl that you would wrap around your neck.  It was a easy knit that I completed while I was in Turkey this summer.  I added some beads to the edging but they don't show up that well.

My pattern notes can be found here.  There are six shawls in the Shawl Society and right now I am working on shawl number two.  Helen Stewart is an outstanding designer and the patterns are written out in addition to being charted.  As I live in California and I'm always too warm, haha, I plan on giving this shawl away as a gift.

So, what's on my needles now?  Shawl Society #2 shawl which has quite a bit of lace which I find fun and challenging.  I'm also knitting a little baby hat; a quick and easy project.  And, I'm making some quick crocheted coasters using the tapestry crochet technique.

Thank you for taking time to visit Lilly My Cat.  Lilly, by the way, sends her meows to all of you.  She's been a bit naughty lately as she decided to bite me for no reason this week.  I was sitting at my computer desk and she was at my feet.  She's a naughty little kitty but I love her dearly!

With my best wishes,

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  1. The sweaters are so sweet and the colors are beautiful.

  2. Wow. I love your little sweaters they are so pretty and cannot go wrong with Liberty buttons. The shawl is perfect to ward off a chill in the air.

    Going to be hot here in Hampshire over the pond this week, will just stay chilled and stitch.

    Have a great week Pat x

  3. The pink floral Cardis is absolutely adorable! I've been seeing more and more shawl pictures lately, I really must get round to making myself one!
    We're having great weather in the UK at the moment, which is good news for me as I'm on holiday :-) x

  4. Lovely little jumpers for your wee girlie. She will look lovely wearing them. And the shawl looks very light and soft, and will be great to wear when the weather finally changes. We have had some respite from the heat this week, but it is going up again this week! Kate x

  5. Those little cardigans are absolutely gorgeous and the shawl is beautiful. Very well done :-)

  6. Although we have had high fog the last two mornings the temperatures have quickly escalated and we are supposed to be in for a long hot stretch near Portland, OR!
    Your knitting is beautiful, Pat! Thanks for the crochet link as well. I am not familiar with tapestry crochet and the example is striking.
    Hoping that Lilly is kinder to you this week and that you are comfortably cool. xx

  7. Your knits are very pretty. I am glad you mentioned the size of that shawl as I would rather make a larger one.


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