Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Special Birthday, Houses and Clouds

Hello my dear friends.  It's Sunday afternoon here in southern California and it's a pleasant day as our hot weather has subsided a bit.  There's so many things I want to share with you but first I must say thank you so much for your kind words and wise advice you gave me in regard to my last blog post.  Life is good!

This past week my little granddaughter, Sadie, turned one year old.  My daughter had a wonderful tea party celebration for her featuring delicious tea sandwiches (made by my daughter), scones, tea and vintage coronation china (which she and I both collect).

The table was set so pretty in it's pink tea party theme. . .

Here's the little birthday girl,  Sadie,  modeling the sweater I knitted for her . . .

Yesterday, we visited a new church nearer our home.  (Yes, it was on Saturday but it's a new Orthodox church that doesn't yet have their own building so they meet on Saturday at the Greek church).  It was a very pleasant experience that both my husband and I enjoyed.  From there, we went to look at a new housing development.  We ventured further south via a new road that has just opened up.  We were there in just a few minutes (so nice versus taking crowded Interstate 5).

Here's the backyard of one of the model homes we viewed.  You can see the ocean view beyond the backyard area.  This home was huge but on a little lot which is quite normal here in southern California . . .

There are four different areas in this development.  All the model homes had been "staged" which made them look very beautiful.  I loved seeing the kitchens and getting some ideas for my own kitchen.  But, the price tag was unbelievable . . . $3.5M for this home pictured above!  I couldn't nor would I buy this home at this price.  But, that's southern California. . .

We viewed the other area in the same development which had condos.  They were well planned and very spacious.  I'm the kind of person that doesn't have to have everything to please my taste, however, this graffiti tile would have to go if I lived here.  What do you think?  And, it's actual tile that had been adhered to the walls and grouted!
On the way home, via the "new road", we stopped at another open house that was in a traditional subdivision.  It was warm, inviting, nice and very much to my taste. However, we wouldn't be downsizing and there was still a pool.  We arrived home and came to the conclusion that we are very happy where we are.  We may not have an ocean view but we do have a lovely view of the mountains.

 We bought our home six years ago when the market was at it's lowest.  We'd love to have less to take care of but prices have skyrocketed again here.  I'm always content but it's my dear husband who has caught the real estate bug.  Hopefully, he will get "well" soon.

Oops, almost forgot to mention these beautiful clouds that appeared this week.  I love clouds but they soon disappeared and no rain is expected. . .

As for my WIPs, I'm still working on my Amulet Shawl. It's the kind of knitting where I have to pay attention and think about.  We're off to the beach this afternoon for a picnic.  I'm taking another little knitting project that I don't have to think about.
I hope each of you have enjoyed your weekend.  The start of the new week is almost here and I wish for each of you all the best.  And, I so appreciate your friendship!

With my best wishes,



  1. Happy birthday to your granddaughter!! Love that sweater. I've always thought house prices were ridiculous in So. Cal, even when we lived there. That first house was gorgeous, but 3million dollars beautiful, I don't know. Didn't like the graffiti tile at all, it would have to go.
    I would like to move to a smaller house, but love the location of ours so I doubt we'll move.

  2. Happy Birthday to Sadie! She looks very sweet in the lovely sweater you knit for her, Pat. Finding affordable housing is difficult for so many even if one is trying to downsize. I don't like the graffiti tile either. Your cloud photos are beautiful. I am so glad you enjoyed worshiping in the church you visited yesterday! Please give Lilly more love pats from me :) xx

  3. We're seeking a new home with a view. It's proving difficult to find. The graffiti tiles would definitely have to go, I wonder what 'bright spark' thought to put those in. Perhaps they thought it would look 'edgy'and cool.


  4. What a beautiful little jacket you made your granddaughter, I love the split with the little bow above it and the colour is gorgeous and really suits her pretty little face xx

  5. Oh what a gorgeous little this is Sadie! And clever you to knit such a lovely cardigan. I love the little bow at the back.
    It's good that you found a church nearer home. And you felt comfortable in it too. Do you think you might change to this one?
    That house by the ocean is a dream house isn't it. But who has that sort of money? It's good to go out and look around and then come to the conclusion that you are very happy where you are thank you very much.
    Oh yes, that grafitti would have to go! Definitely! Not my taste at all!
    Happy TuesDay and a good week ahead,

  6. Such a charming little tea party and love the knitted sweater you made for your darling little Sadie! The house by the ocean is beautiful, but the price - oh my goodness! Sometimes it is better to be content right where you are. I wanted to tell you how fun it was to learn the photo I took was of a place you lived in once! Glad you enjoyed the new church. xx K

  7. Happy birthday to Sadie! That's such a cute little jacket you've made for her. The split really makes it look so different. You are good putting all that detail on Ravelry. My Ravelry account is much neglected! I'm so keen to knit, but I get so close to finishing, and it goes back in the cupboard!
    Whoever would want graffiti tiles?!! Just crazy! I bet it was a man's idea. We keep looking for the ideal house/location to downsize to, also must have a view, but I don't think we will find it!
    Thank you for visiting my blog, Pat, it is always nice to hear from you again, and great to have your friendship too!
    Hugs, Barbara xxx

  8. I hope he 'gets well' soon too! And totally agree with the graffiti tiles. Why would you want that?


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