Thursday, March 24, 2016

Simple Crocheted Easter Baskets

The glorious celebration of Easter will soon be here.  There's still time to do some crafting if you wish.  I wanted to share with you an easy idea for crocheted Easter baskets.

Here are the two baskets I made for my little grandson and little granddaughter.  I crocheted a bow for one of them and a carrot for the other as embellishment.

You can use any type of yarn you wish; I had a large skein of Red Heart acrylic.  I used a size H hook.  You'll also need some type of plastic container which the basket will be crocheted around.  These clear plastic containers originally came with dried dates in them. 

I started at the bottom with single crochet in the round.  I increased the stitches as needed, measuring my work against the bottom of the plastic bin that I was using as the liner.

I then switched to double crochet for the edges, again crocheting in the round.  I inserted the liner into the crochet before starting the cluster stitch row.  To finish the top, I did a row of triple crochet cluster stitch.  The handles are single crochet and I crocheted some ears in double crochet. 
As mentioned above, I used Red Heart acrylic.  It was a large skein and you can see in the first picture how much I had left.  (I sometimes forget how crochet loves to eat yarn vs knitting :)

Here's the baskets all filled with their bunnies and Easter goodies ready for the grandchildren for Sunday Easter dinner.

I wish all of you a joyous holiday and I send you my best wishes, too.  Feel free to write and let me know what fun projects you may be creating.  I love hearing from you!



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  1. I love your Easter baskets, Pat - they are just too adorable! Your little grands are going to love them, I'm sure! Your new blog header and layout is very pretty :) Right now I am crocheting a striped sweater in blues and white for my little grandson's first birthday. I love making things for my loved ones <3 Wishing you a lovely and blessed Easter! Hugs xo Karen

  2. What lovely baskets to make for your grandchildren - I love them. Wishing you a happy Easter xx

  3. They're wonderful, I absolutely love them.

  4. Such lovely baskets! Love them!
    Happy Easter to you and family!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  5. Those are such lovely baskets, they will be cherished for years to come.
    Happy Easter,

  6. Thanks for sharing your clever basket pattern, Pat :) Happy Easter! xx

  7. Hello Pat! You really have made such sweet Easter baskets! They are perfect & no doubt filled with all sorts of goodies & you packaged them up so nicely!
    Wishing the Lords richest blessing this Easter!

  8. Adorable!!! They will love them.

  9. Those are really fabulous and what beautiful gifts, wishing you a very happy and holy Easter

    Much love



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