Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lilly's Five on Friday

Meows my dear friends. It's me, Lilly, writing today's post since my Mom has been a bit busy this week.  She's been busy taking care of my little nephew, Oliver and he keeps her very busy indeed.  His parents home had a water leak in the concrete slab and the home is in a state of chaos due to repairman, plumbers, and everything else.  I feel so bad for them but things will get better.   Up in Washington state, where I'm from, we don't have water lines laid in the concrete but down here in California everything is different.  But I can't complain about California as I love the weather and the geckos. And, we've had great weather this week. 

 My Mom has never been a morning person but lately she's been getting up early for whatever reason (insomnia maybe) and she's been getting some great sunrise photos.  Here's one from this week. 

And, here's another one.  Look at the intense color of that sky.  Of course, I'm still asleep at this time of day since my feeder doesn't go off until 8:00 AM each morning!

We were watching the news the other night when they mentioned the sunset and my Mom popped out on the upstairs balcony and took this photo.  I've never seen such a pink sky before.  It was really impressive for our part of the world. I wish she would have shared some photos of the beautiful green hills we have now that we've had some rain this winter.

You might have read about my Mom's Undulating Waves Scarf. It was one of her WIPs that she finally finished.  She had been working on a simple crocheted blanket but needed a bit more brain energy so she pulled this out of the closet.  It's done (thank goodness as it bothered me too.  I sat there everything night listening to her struggle with the placement of these beads).  It's been sent off to a dear friend of my Moms.  You can read her Ravelry notes here.

My Mom loves link parties so today I'm linking up with Amy for her weekly Five on Friday. And, since I have the pleasure to write this post today, I want to send my meows to my dear furry friends:  
Ling Ling and Maggie at Beatrice Euphemie
Tilly at Writing from Scotland 
Simba at Teresa Kasner  
George at Remembering the Old Ways
Cait Sith at Land of the Big Sky
and to all my other furry friends who at this moment I can't recall their names.  I hope you are all warm and safe this winter season.

If you'd like to leave a comment, it would make be purr.  I can read pretty good now that I'm 11 years old.  I wish you a purrfect weekend!

Meows and hugs from



  1. The skies have been rather stunning recently, though the weather has not been kind. Visiting from 5 on Fri. Have a good weekend,.

  2. You can tell your Mom from me her scarf is beautiful and so are the photo's. I hope yu both have a purrfect weekend too.:)

  3. Tonks here - nice to read your news, Lilly! It's been raining horribly here in Devon, but I've been out catching rats every day and giving them to my brother, the horrible dog. He eats them and makes everyone disgusted, while I get to lie on piles of fresh laundry with treats brought to me every so often as everyone feels sorry that I have to share my home with a new puppy. (I actually really like playing with him but he's much bigger than I am and plays rough.) What a life!

  4. Hugs to the lovely Lilly <3 Our Sissi sends greetings ....:))

  5. It was nice hearing from you, Lilly! Tell your mom hello! I hope you can stop by:


  6. How lovely to hear from you, Lily - glad you like the Geckos. Tell your Mom that her scarf and her photos of the sunrises are beautiful:)

  7. Hello Lily
    I love that photo of you!
    Such beautiful sunset photos especially the last one, amazing!
    Do you have a special paw ketboard? Great typing skills!
    Meow and have a lovely weekend.
    Shane x

  8. Wishing you a purrrfect weekend too Lily, send my warmest love and regards to your mum when she is finished looking after your nephew. xxxx

  9. Lovely to hear from you Lily! How nice of you to send love to your kitty friends too. Your Mom's scarf is very pretty isn't it. Make sure that you look after her as it sounds as though she is a bit stressed right now, give her a lot of love. Thank you for joining Five On Friday, happy weekend! xx

  10. Lily, you're beautiful and you write a good blog.

  11. This is a lovely post Lilly, I like your sunrises and sunsets. We have not had good weather in England at all. Your mum has made a lovely scarf, it is very pretty. Have a lovely weekend from Jack, I'm a black lab but I never chase cats, promise xxx

  12. Hello, Lily - you look so comfortable in your crocheted cocoon! The sunrises and sunsets certainly are lovely there - you might want to wake up a bit earlier to catch the drama! The scarf your Mom made is wonderful and someone is very lucky to receive it. Maggie and Ling Ling want to say Hello, and a thank you for thinking of them! Right now they are confined to the bedrooms, as we have some rather unfriendly (to cats) house-guests. It is very nice of your Mom to help out some harried parents by keeping their precious child out of harm's way. Enjoy your weekend, Lily, and don't sleep too late! xx

  13. Such a pretty scarf Pat! The sky is glorious with you, it's just grey here. Boo! :-)

  14. Awww, Lilly, you're such a beautiful cat. The scarf is beautiful too and such a gorgeous colour, as are those fabulous sky photos, just wonderful.

  15. What a lovely post Lilly and lovely to meet you. I wonder if you would get on with my two cats! Love the sun rise and sunset pictures, your mum is very clever and what a beautiful scarf. I hope you and your mum have a great weekend. Barbara purr purr

  16. Lily, you write so well I am wondering if you have had any book offers? You are the best,

  17. What a fun post, Lilly! You're a very well-spoken (written) cat. The sunrise photos are gorgeous!

  18. That scarf is gorgeous! I've added beads to cross-stitching before, but never to a knitted project. I wonder if it is complicated to do? I'll have to look for a pattern and give it a try! Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Gorgeous post, Lilly! I too admire your talent in writing.
    The photos are wonderful, especially the one of Yourself, of course.

  20. Thanks, Lilly! I enjoyed your report. Pat has been so busy, I'm certain you have been a comfort to her as she took those pretty sunrise photos and created her beautiful scarf and tended Oliver.
    Wishing you and yours a happy week. xx

  21. Hi Pat, or should I say, Lilly. i enjoyed your post. I must say it surprises me that water pies are laid in concrete in California what with earthquakes and such. I love that scarf, very pretty. And a very nice pic of yourself, I was wondering what a Maine Coon cat looked like.


  22. Hello Lilly! My owner hasn't been able to do much blogging lately and boy was she surprised when, underneath the gorgeous photo of you - don't you hate when they interrupt your bath to take photos? - she saw that there was a link to ME! She has been taking photos of me for her blog recently, so hopefully you can see some updates soon. love from Tilly in Scotland.


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