Monday, December 28, 2015

Post Christmas Post

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday.  It's been busy here at Lilly my Cat but today I began to take down all the decorations.  As you can see from the photo below, there's some more work to be accomplished...

Lilly really enjoyed the holidays as usual.  One of her favorite places is sitting under the tree(s) but she also likes this chair...

The Christmas season has always been a special time of year that I look forward to.  But, I find that I have lost a little bit of energy these past couple of years.  Maybe next year we will switch the program to something new.  But, we did have a wonderful time with the family.

I haven't been out post Christmas shopping and I don't think I will.  Although, I always like to go to Pier 1 where I find the most beautiful European glass ornaments at half price or more!  I'm so, so tired of everything being made in China!  My favorite stores, TJ MAXX and Home Goods used to be filled with really quality items. Now, I have to hunt for something not made in China.  I refuse to buy any dishes made in China and the same goes for bed linens and towels.  I watched a documentary the other day where the family was "challenged" to celebrate Christmas without anything made in China.  Yup, they had a hard time.  It started with finding lights for the Christmas tree (which I think they finally gave up on finding).  To find toys for the children not made in China was difficult too.  They paid extra $ for toys made in the old European style.  I really enjoyed  watching this program.

Speaking of programs, the last season of Downton Abbey will soon premier.  I really love everything about that show. And, the historical detail is right on the mark, too.  Last night I watched a new program on the Smithsonian Channel called Million Dollar American Princesses.  It featured the heiress Consuelo Vanderbilt who married the 9th Duke of Marlborough.  Her grandson, the 11th Duke of Marlborough was married to Athina Livanos, the ex-wife of Aristotle Onassis.   There were also a couple of more American heiresses including Mary Leiter who married Lord Curzon of Kedleston* and became the Vicereine of India.  I found this fascinating and after watching the show, I read further about these women.

*Kedleston Hall is where Venetia Stanley Smith (of the NHK program Venetia of Kyoto) was born.  Her mother was a Curzon.

A couple of months ago, I was excited to watch Indian Summers on PBS.  I'm usually pretty good at following story lines but this was so slow in developing the story line and there was so much I didn't comprehend...Finally, after watching about two episodes, I gave up.  I love this time period of the Raj but this show really was a disappoint to me.  

I've rattled on enough for this post.   I'd love to hear from you if you have a chance to comment.  Our skies are clouding up this afternoon as they say we're suppose to get a little rain.  It's been very cold here at night for southern California.  But, we can't complain as I feel so bad for those folks who have been hit by tornadoes and flooding.  My heart goes out to them.  Stay safe if you are traveling and I will be back soon.

My best to you,



  1. So nice to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas, my Dear! I like your challenge to find items not made in China. My father was a Union President and he really stressed the importance of fair trade goods. For that reason I can't go into a Walmart or shop at Amazon and we only drive Ford vehicles. It is so important to support fair trade and livable wages for people around the world. I am so excited about the new season of Downton Abbey. I love everything about that show - the story-line, the fashions, the beautiful estate. I did try to watch Indian Summers, but also found it slow and hard to catch on to. I hope you have a lovely week leading up to New Year's. xo Karen

  2. We have had days of rain. Thankfully no flooding in our area, we are fairly high, but hopefully my husband and daughter don't have trouble getting to St Louis from Indiana tomorrow. Parts of I-70 were closed, it's good that they don't have to use that Interstate. I am looking forward to sun, even if it's going to be cold!!

  3. Glad you had a lovely Christmas and I can see from your photos that Lilly had a wonderful time too. I hadn't been in a shop since the Tuesday before Christmas until yesterday when we had to get milk and cat litter. Like you we search for things that aren't 'made in China' especially living as we do in the heart of the British pottery industry which has declined so much in the last 20 years it is hearbreaking to see. Downton had been wonderful I'm sure you will love it when you can finally watch it. Happy New Year:)

  4. Unlike a lot of people I try not to shop between Christmas and new year but I know what you mean about the lack of local products. I always feel sad when the decorations come down. I'm afraid I keep mine the whole 12 days of Christmas! B X

  5. That's a very interesting challenge - finding things not made in China - you've inspired me!

  6. Glad you had a lovely xmas hun xxx


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