Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September Scavenger Hunt via Lilly My Cat

I can't believe that September is saying goodbye and it's going to be October!  It's always a joy to join in with Greenthumb at Made with Love for her monthly scavenger hunts.  And, as always, I enjoy meeting new friends.  This month I took all my photos from my garden.   It was a very warm September morning when I took these pictures (with the exception of one of them).   I hope you will enjoy.

Woven design in this little table reminded me of my current needlepoint project...

Repeating blue tiles on the barbeque area...my succulents love this sunny area...

Greedy black crows ate all our figs from our fig tree...here's one lonely fig left...

Flower of bird of paradise.  I have lots of these and they do very well in the hot, dry weather...

Curly center of my sago palm tree that has grown huge...the new fronds are so amazing when they appear...

Adventures today when we moved the garbage can and found this gecko who had  lost his tail...

Line of the backyard fence...luckily it's narrowly spaced so Lilly can't fit through the fence...

Mesmerizing ripples from the pool this morning while the pump was running...

Triangle shapes from my home's chimneys...

Dreamy evening sky with lights reflecting on the pool ...

Day(time) at it's brightest with blue skies and palms fronds showing all their splendor...

Whatever you want - I just wanted Lilly to smile for the photo this morning but she is so stubborn...

I hope you have enjoyed these photos.  I look forward to seeing what you have shared.

My best to each of you,



  1. Love the photos, the chimneys are an interesting shape but love the colour of the pool

  2. Great finds! I like your picture of the pool, I love photos like that! xx

  3. It is interesting to see your different views for each prompt, Pat, and it helps me know you better. I have such a good imagination I was certain Lilly is smiling :) xx

  4. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. I really like your photos of mesmerising, flower, and triangle. Greenthumb

  5. LOL! Kitties are rarely cooperative! Lovely photos, LM! That pool is mesmerizing! Your needlework photo looks challenging! Happy hunting in October!

  6. Hi Pat This is my first attempt today and I love the selection you have made for all the words. Lilly is gorgeous but just is not playing ball with you and your camera today. Love the ripples in the pool shot and that wasa great shot for greedy although a bit sad you only have 1 fig for yourself! It is wonderfulto see how different people see and shoot the images for the word prompts.

  7. Aah what a beautiful place you live in. Envious of all that sun. Love your blue tiles, flowers, ghekko in the garden, have pool envy and love Lily of course!

  8. Great photos - I've enjoyed them all. You have a lovely home and garden and it is always good to see Lilly, smiling or not:)

  9. It all looks dreamy to me, but especially the pool. What a lovely place you have!

  10. Wonderful photos to illustrate the prompts! And Lilly is beautiful!

  11. Mmmm, I am loving your pool!!! INdeed mesmerising! Lilly looks very happy despite the lack of cat smile- contented perhaps! Poor gecko!
    I am SO late with the hunt this month but JUST got in with them!x

  12. A great collection of photos!

  13. Hi Pat, lovely to see your photographs - particularly the pool and the fabulous blue sky and blue tiles - what a gorgeous place you live in.

  14. Lovely to see blue skies and that pool! It's miserable and raining here.
    I love figs, shame those crows only left you one and your cat photo made me laugh...mine was just the same. x

  15. Lilly is gorgeous! Lots of beautiful blues weaving through your photos - love the ripples and the bird of paradise, such an amazing looking flower. Feel for you, losing the figs! Adore them and would so like to have a fig tree, but don't think there'd be much chance of edible fruit with our climate!

  16. Hi Pat...beautiful photos. Love those blue skies....Debbie x

  17. Lovely photos for the scavenger hunt! I felt like I was on a mini vacation. The King & Queen (cats) say hi to Lilly.


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