Monday, June 29, 2015

June's Scavenger Hunt

June has passed by so fast and it's time again for the Scanvenger Hunt hosted by  Made with Love.  If you haven't checked out this fun blog, I suggest you drop by and maybe you too would like to join in.  

The letter J brings to mind two wonderful events; my wedding in 1975 and  the birth of my daughter in 1979, both of which occurred in the glorious month of June......... 

The Word Rust reminds me of the color orange. And, pumpkin fits right into that category .....  

For a festive drink, a White Russian is very Smooth . I now make it with coconut milk since I do not eat dairy .....

Imagination brings to mind my cat Lilly. I can imagine myself being her and having a life of luxury ....

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know my eclectic decorating style and nothing is more suited to my taste than this beautiful Classic style furniture. I would fill my whole house with this stuff if I could ......

(I have a smaller version of this set in dark wood)

Speaking of decorating, my daughter has excellent taste in designing any home decor. Here are some knobs that are Similiar in style. She used one set to decorate a chest of drawers for the nursery ...

Our family was in the beautiful city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, a few months ago. I captured this photo of these door entries, all Parallel to each other........

I love to knit, as my hands are never idle if I have a chance to sit down. Here's are my latest Socks . They're called Fork in the Road and the pattern can be found   here  on my Ravelry page .....

My daughter Heidi, loves to collect Coronation china from England. Here's a tiny glimpse of her extensive Mug collection .......  

Our latest travels in Turkey have been pleasant. The other day we walked into a shop and the owner presented each of us with an evil eye bead  charm ..... 

Our family home in Turkey is up on the mountain and overlooks the sea. Here's the Posts from the balcony ..... 

Whatever you do or wherever you are, I wish you peace and good wishes....

Thank you so much for stopping by today and visiting my blog.  It's always a joy to hear from you, too :)



  1. I've enjoyed seeing your photos for the scavenger hunt for June. That view from the balcony in Turkey is wonderful. June was a good month for you with two significant celebrations. I hope you have a happy July.

  2. Love the butterfly and I too had a white Russian. Delicious! Beautiful pics.x

  3. A 1975 wedding ... that means it will have been a big party this year! Congratulations! Love your photos, glad you've had a great holiday in Turkey xx

  4. Hi Pat, I enjoyed your post so much. Congrats on your two are still so charming and have not changed much at all - how do you do that?? The view from your place in Turkey is outstanding. Hope you have a nice remainder of the week.

  5. p.s. I forgot to say what a cute photo this is of Lily! What a life she has!!

  6. What lovely photos. Congratulations on your anniversary. Best wishes!

  7. I add my congratulations on your special anniversary, and also happy birthday to your lovely daughter :) Love the header photo on your blog. Your cat does seem to live a most luxurious life.

  8. What really great finds! I couldn't choose one I liked more than the rest! Of course that is because the best one is your anniversary!!! Congratulations! xx

  9. Happy Anniversary, Pat! I enjoy seeing some of the world around you through your photos, and learning more about your life and interests, too. Wishing you safe and happy travels and admiring your pretty sock and Lilly :)

  10. How fun was this. That is quite the table and mirror. The mugs are fun, like having tea with the queen. Your knitting looks most beautiful. How do you get both socks to match? Oh, wait, I'm imagining how I knit. You are obviously much better.

  11. Great photos and interpretations of the topics! Love post, classic and J is for:)

  12. A great collection of photos and some good interpretations!

  13. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. So many lovely photos, I really like whatever you want, parallel. Greenthumb

  14. Lovely photos - I could do with a smooth right now! x

  15. Great post! Love the mouldings around those windows! And your header photo is awesome!


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