Friday, February 27, 2015

Liebster Award

My friends at Winwick Mum and LL Farm have nominated my blog for the Liebster Award.   Winwick Mum sent me a list of questions to answer.  So, here they are.....

1.  If you were down to your last $5.00, what would you spend it on?
Maybe I would buy a cup of coffee and pass it on someway.  I worked at a bank for over 25 years.  Back in those days, people would come in and withdraw their last $1.00 to buy a  couple of gallons of gas (I'm sharing how long ago this was).  It was a sad situation and it's still sad.
 This is the bank I worked at.  It says Bank of America but it was originally Seafirst Bank......

2.  What is your favorite thing to eat?
Oh my, I think I have lots of favorites but I love eggplant and potatoes of course (that's the Danish in me)...

3.  What was the first film you ever watched at the pictures?
I recall it was a circus themed film and performers with a trapeze act.  My father was a policeman and the police station was right next door to the movie theater.  My dad could take my cousins and I to the ticket window (he was in his police uniform) and they would let us in free!  It was an old theater with a huge seating area, balcony and those beautiful old style velvet curtains across the stage.
This is an old photo of the street where the movie theater and police station were located.

4.  If your house was on fire, what one thing other than family members and pets would you save?
I have lots of stuff in my house - maybe too much stuff as my sons says I should become a minimalist....but I would probably take my wedding picture.

5.  What other than your children, is your greatest achievement.
It's not proper to be proud, but I am thankful for the family unit I have been a part of these past 39+ years.  I will have been married 40 years this June to a wonderful, kind, perfect husband.  And, I think we have been blessed with two wonderful children.

6.  What did you want to be when you grew up?
Well, I probably wanted to be lots of things.  But, I am most happy being the housewife and mother that I've been for these past 35+ years.  It's a perfect match for me.  My mother worked - so I was one of those kids who came home to an empty home.  I had wonderful, loving parents but I never got over that my mom was not at home like the other kids.  I chose not to have a career - as my job at the bank was more part time due to my choice.  But, to answer the question...I had a Barbie doll growing up.  One of her outfits was a beautiful long black evening dress with a flounce at the bottom.  She had a microphone and it was her singing outfit.  That's what I wanted to be - a singer.  I would love to be able to sing like Susan Boyle.  But, I can't sing.  So, it's only a dream.

7.  What word would other people use to describe you?
I hope they would say polite and kind.  My children would say I'm eclectic.

8.  How many  WIPs do you have at the moment?
Easy question - three.  A doily, scarf, and another scarf...Here's the link.

9.  What's is your favorite yarn?
Recently, I discovered 6 ply sock yarn.  I love it as it works up so fast.  I love a bargain and I'm a bit of a yarn snob sometimes.  I order all my yarn online and I get some great bargains and get to create items with beautiful yarn.  There's not one particular brand I like.  But, sorry, I'm not a fan of the big box craft store yarns....

10. What tool could you not do without?
That's easy - my vacuum.  I vacuum almost every other day.  I'm a bit fanatic about keeping my floors clean and I hate to see anything on them....especially with my big, beautiful, fluffy kitty Lilly in the house!

11.  What was the last magazine you bought?
If you mean a magazine I actually have in my possession then it's Molly Makes.  I bought it in London in November 2013.  But, I recently subscribed to Taproot Magazine.  I haven't received the first copy yet.  I discovered this great magazine through another blog.

That's it.  I've answered all the questions and I've probably bored you to death.   But, there's more....

I'd like to pass on these questions for the next group of Liebster Awards.
Here they are:
1.  Where would you like to live if you could live anywhere in the world?
2.  What would you like to change in the world?
3.  What's your favorite series on TV?
4.  What could you not live without (either food or item)?
5.  What's the most precious thing you have?
6.  Do you like cats or dogs?
7.  Do you knit or crochet or do both or neither?
8.  What has been given to you that you can cherish for a lifetime?
9.  What is your fondest memory of childhood?
10. How did you start blogging?
11. What inspires you?

I nominate the following blogs for this award:
Misty Cottage Crafts
Camberwell Crafts
Morning Musings

The fun part is that this award is also given to anyone else who feels they would like to answer the questions I have posted.  I've recently discovered the blogs listed above and have so enjoyed reading them.  I'm sure you will too.

Enjoy your weekend,
Pat :)

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  1. I've just subscribed to Taproot too, thanks for highlighting it.


    1. You are most welcome. I'm excited to receive my first copy.

  2. Pat,
    Congratulations on another Liebster nomination! I enjoyed reading and learning more about you. Have a great weekend!

  3. It's always interesting to get an insight into people's lives. Thank you for sharing and Congratulation on the Liebster Award :)

  4. A lovely post and good to get to know you better, well done on the Liebster Award

    1. Many thanks. That's very kind of you.

  5. I'm sheepishly running back out as one who vacuums as little as possible in my house, although our holiday cottages are kept immaculate of course. Popping by from Handmade Monday

    1. I'm so happy you stopped by for a visit.

  6. It's great to learn more about the people behind the blog - and I am impressed you only have 3 WIP at the moment - I have way more than that!

    1. Many thanks Vicky. I think I now have four WIPs!!

  7. Hi Pat & Lilly, Nice to meet you; thanks for stopping by my blog. I have 6 indoor rescue cats so I always have a broom or a vacuum handy! Very fun to read your answers today. Hope you will stop by again when it is convenient! Mildred

    1. It so nice to hear from you Mildred. Lilly my Cat is really like my child. She's such a companion. How lucky you are to have six little kitties.

  8. Congrats on your award! And it was nice to get to know you by reading your answers!


    1. Thank you so much Nicole. I so enjoyed reading your blog too.

  9. Hi Pat, I finally am inbetween projects on my house and just read your answers to your questions. I had a Barbie Doll, too, and talked my little brother into buying a Ken doll with his birthday money. He still holds that against me. :-) Thank you for thinking of me and liking my Blog! As for your questions, some of them are pretty hard to answer. I can answer the one about how I started Blogging. I'd written a daily devotional in 2003 after reading Sarah Breathnach's "Simple Abundance" because she challenged her readers to do the same. Along came the Internet age (I was late in discovering it) and in 2011 I decided to post my devotional on a daily basis. That got me into the habit and I was off and running. I have 5 blogs now, 4 of which are active, or semi-active.

    1. That's a great story about starting your blog. I know you must have been very busy with your home projects. I painted one of our rentals for our new tenant these past two days and now my body is aching all over....maybe I'm just getting old! Thank you for visiting and I will pop over and say hello soon.

  10. Loved reading about you - I always enjoy these question and answer sessions on blogs. Love your cat! I recently got some hand dyed yarn in a subscription and the colours were based on cats. There was one called Maine Coon Calie and I had to google the type of cat. And now I find someone who has one!

  11. Hi Jayne. Lilly thanks you so much for your kind words. The yarn you received sounds like it would be a joy to knit with. Yes, Lilly is a "big" Maine Coon. She's really like a person though - she comes when her name is called. Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.

  12. A belated thank you for the nomination! My response is almost ready to go - just needs a couple more pics! Interesting to see you bring up Taproot - I've been wondering about subscribing to it recently - I wonder if you could tell me how often it comes out - a bit of research makes me think 4 times per year - is that about right?

    1. Hello Helen. You are correct about Taproot; 4 magazines per year. I haven't received my first copy yet and I'm excited to see what it's like. I will be sure to check your blog for your new post! Have a great day.

    2. Ah brilliant, thank you for the confirmation! Loving that ripple blanket btw!


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