Saturday, September 20, 2014

Addicted to Dishes!!

 Last week I discovered this great blog called Eclectic Home Life and I thought it was so interesting to see why people blog.  I started my blog to make friends.  It might sound funny, but I had moved to California, I'm an empty nester and I don't work anymore.  So, it's not that easy to find your way in a new place.  So, I started my blog and now, I love my blog friends and I learn so much from their blogs.  Even thought I have never met them, it seems like I know them.

Last week I wrote about Newport Beach and Housewives of Orange County.  For me, I'm not into fashion and pop culture but I do enjoy my hobbies that have nothing to do with fashion.   I enjoy old fashioned things and all the things in my home have a meaning to me.  I like to watch HGTV and see the latest home styles but that really isn't me.  So, after all these years, my first love is still dishes. I thought I will share with you some of my addiction.....
This set really belongs to my daughter, Heidi.  It was given to her by my late Mother.  It's the Ardmore pattern by Minton.  I love these dishes for special occasions.
Here's my set of Pfaltzgraff from the 80's.  I have so many matching pieces that I just couldn't part with them...
These are my Friendly Village dishes by Johnson Brothers that I use during the fall and winter season.  I love these dishes as they were a present to me from my dear Mom and Dad.
A few years back I wanted some Christmas dishes.  These are what I ended up with.  They are the Christmas Tree pattern made by Waechtersbach in Germany.  I am still adding to this collection when I find matching pieces on Ebay.
Here's my old every day set that it now at the top of my cupboard.  I love this English stoneware and I still use it for summertime entertaining.
 Here is my current everyday dishes.  I bought them a few years ago at Williams Sonoma.  They are the Queen Anne pattern by Pillivuyt.  (as you can see, the rims chip....I would not buy this pattern again just for that reason).
And lastly, here is the set of china that is nearest and dearest to my heart.  It's the Seagull pattern made in Denmark by Bing and Grondahl.  These dishes belonged to my Danish grandma and she gave them to me right after I was married so that I could enjoy using them.  I have lots of pieces to this set and I enjoy using it for special occasions.

So, do you think I have an addiction or disease in collecting dishes?  I think I do.  I still go to my local Home Goods or TJ MAXX store and peruse the aisles for anything made in England or France, (yesterday I was at Home Goods and they had numerous pieces of miniature Revol bakeware made in France - it was hard to resist buying a piece!)  And, I buy a piece on Ebay now and then. (I just purchased a beautiful large platter made in the former Czechoslovakia and should be in the mail to me now).

I inherited this addiction from my Mom.  She not only collected dishes but also cups and saucers.  I have her collection of the cups/saucers which I have added to throughout the years...
My son was telling me the other day how I should have a minimalist lifestyle and not have all these things.  But, that's who I am.  I love all the knick nacks and doo dads I have in my eclectic home.

I would love to hear what you collect.  Feel free to comment below.  And, please stop by Handmade Harbour to meet some great crafters.

Have a wonderful day,

P.S.  I will leave you with a WIP photo of my Coast Ripple Blank from Attic 24.......


  1. Hello popped over from Handmade Monday (Anita #8) I was in Newport Beach earlier this year my goodness time flies. I have a friend who lives there and I was visiting her before we both went onto an art retreat in Arizona. I fondly remember the Beach Ball on beach front/pier. I love your collection of pottery and glad to see that they get used.

  2. Wow! That's an impressive crockery collection! I really like the seagull collection too, and it is lovely to own something that belonged to someone special to you too.

  3. Gosh, what a lot of crockery. Nice that they have special memories for you. I really like the seagull pattern, very unusual.

  4. I only own one crockery set, but I think it would be fabulous to have lots of different ones you can choose from. They definitely help to brighten up every life.

  5. Your post reminded me so much of my mum, who has different sets of crockery. What you are served on was very much determined by the perceived level of importance of the guests.

  6. It was lovely to see all your different crockery. The seagull design is really beautiful. Our kitchen is far too small to hold so much so I have to be minimalist. You should enjoy your collections, they are obviously something you love.
    Ali xx

  7. You have so many beautiful dishes. I would love a separate set for Christmas. Your Friendly village set is just gorgeous.

  8. Lovely to see all your crockery designs. I collect mugs and have certain ones are for certain times or even drinks! Some mugs are only for tea, some only for coffee!

  9. Mom, that is an addiction! Don't you have more in the garage and china cabinet and below the china cabinet?! I wish I had more space at my house...That's why I have to store my stuff there!

  10. Hi Pat, I love your collection, especially the Minton at the top and the English stoneware. I must admit, I have a very little collection of my own! There's nothing quite like finding a bit of treasure at a charity shop/thrift store. Thanks for stopping by my blog - hope you're having a good week too. Claire x

  11. Hello and thank you for the lovely shout out at the beginning of this post. We have lots in common! I too collect crockery and china, I may have a slight addiction!! Space is a problem of course! But the biggest thing is that I too hold the seagull set close to my heart, yes, I also have it and I received mine from my Norwegian grandmother!!!! Lovely to "meet" you. Selma x


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