Friday, March 7, 2014

A Visit to Coughton Court, a National Trust Property

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted anything, so today I will share with you my visit to Coughton Court in Alcester, Warwickshire, England.  I visited this lovely National Trust property last fall. 

This historic property has been home to the Throckmorton family for over 600 years.  The entry to the grounds is through the original stables area which now is a bookshop and gift shop.

The Throckmorton family faced persection for their Catholic faith.  This occurred following King Henry VIII's reformation.  They were branded as traitors in their own country because of their Catholic faith.

Above is a wing of the estate where the current Throckmorton family lives.  I thought it was fascinating that the family still occupies this property after these hundreds of years.

This is the main entry to the home.  It was so much fun to tour the home on a self-guided tour with docents in every room to answer any questions you may have.  The furnishings are all original.  My favorite display was a cape embroidered by Queen Catherine of Aragon (Henry VIII's first wife).

Coughton Court was the setting for the Gunpowder Plot which took place in 1604.  The main players in the plot rejected the Church of England and were kinsmen of the Throckmortons of Coughton Court and other old Catholic families.  They had to practice their Catholic faith in secret.   Guy Fawkes was one of these people who took part in this plot.  The picture above is taken from the turret on the roof of the building.

Here you can see the lovely English countryside from the roof of the building. Isn't that green landscape beautiful?  (Maybe because they are blessed with all that rain!)

The grounds of Coughton Court have lovely gardens that you can stroll through.  In the background of this picture you can see the spire of one of two churches that are on the estate.

The Throckmorton family have restored the gardens and here is a lovely tree lined walkway.

It was a lovely way to spent an afternoon.  I have visited many old homes but this home in unique in that it not only has beautiful old furnishings but also holds a place in the history of England.  I forgot to mention that there is a wonderful little cafe on the grounds where you can enjoy a lovely lunch and tea. 

Too bad I don't live in England because if I did, I think I would spend all my time visiting National Trust properties.  I hope you have enjoyed this little slice of history.  Please remember to stop by Handmade Harbour where you will meet some wonderful craft people and get lots of great ideas!

Until next time, blessings,


P.S.  I want to add a little tidbit in regard to the name of Throckmorton.  I visited Ft. Worth, Texas numerous times these past couple of years and Throckmorton is a prominent name in that city.  From what I read, it seems that the Texas Throckmortons descended from these Coughton Court Throckmortons!


  1. I really enjoyed reading your posts. Lots of great information and your photos are beautiful. Great fact about the Texas Throckmortons, it's a small world after all :) Have a great week.
    Ali xx

  2. Will go visit when I'm next in that part of the UK. Amazing to think of the family link to Texas!

  3. Lovely photo's, I love visiting places like this, so much history and so many beautiful places. Thank you for sharing.

    Jan x

  4. It looks simply gorgeous, I really should make time to go and visit some of the National trust properties.


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