Saturday, February 8, 2014


Hello.  I missed posting last week since I had out of town guests.  They were here for Super Bowl and it was great to see the Seahawks win.  I'm not a big football fan (I really don't understand the game) but since I'm from Washington, I had to cheer on the Seahawks.  Last time they went to the Super Bowl, I was living in Gig Harbor right next to the Narrows Bridge.  They hung blue and green lights on the bridge span and it was so fun.

I have been busy with lots of projects but I will share with you what I have finished.  Last year I bought some lovely cotton yarn from Planet Penny.  I crocheted a few items and finished them.  But, then I came up with a pattern of hexagon granny squares; you put them together to make a bag.  Well, after numerous times of trying of put them together, I gave up.  Last week I came up with a new idea of using spray starch to block the finished item.  It worked!!  But, as you can see, I didn't make a bag but a large doily/runner for my table.

I felt so good getting this project finished.  I think I have two unfinished projects now to work on......

Here's another item that I made this past month:

As you can see, it's a Valentine heart bunting.  I found the crocheted heart pattern here.  I added one extra row around each heart by starting with a single crochet and doing a half double crochet on either side of the top of the heart.  I then crocheted a cord, adding the hearts as I went along.  I threaded red ribbon through the cord.

As for blocking, I used my spray starch.  I placed a towel on my ironing board, put the hearts on the towel and sprayed each one. Use plenty of spray and use your hands to smooth out the heart.  There's no need to pin it since it will keep its shape.  I let one side almost try and then turned the hearts over and sprayed the other side.  I love using spray starch for blocking!!

That's about all I have to share with you this week.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and keep warm if you are in wintry weather!


Lilly just reminded me that you should check out Handmade Monday to see some wonderful craft ideas!!


  1. lovely hearts :) always nice when you finish a project - esp if taken long :) well done x

  2. The table runner colours are so beautifully vibrant, it's goes so well with your teapot.
    Your hearts look really pretty, the ribbon finishes it off lovely :)

    Jan x

  3. Beautiful finished projects - I always feel better when I've finished something, especially if I've been working on it a while.

  4. The colours look lovely on the hexagons, and a useful alternative to a bag ;-)

  5. A stunning finished project, so glad I popped over from Handmade Harbour. My cat is also called Lilly and she 'photo bombed' my Valentine's post which was also about bunting. We seem to have parallel lives x


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