Saturday, September 28, 2013

How to Make Needle Felt Acorns

Autumn is here and I can feel fall in the air.  I love the cooler weather and cloudy skies.  Today I am going to share with you a quick project that's perfect for fall.

Last winter when I was in Spokane, Washington, I visited Paradise Fibers where I purchased some wool roving (carded wool).  I wanted to do some needle felting which I  had never done before.  I was inspired by the lovely designs that I had seen on Planet Penny.

Since I'm always looking for a bargain, I bought this kit for the needle felting at my local Michaels store for under $3.00 after using my coupon.  It contains the needle and sponge pad.

Here's how I made the felted acorns.  First I took a few strands of the roving.

Then I blended those strands together with my fingers.

You can see, it's in the shape of a ball.  I then took the felting needle and started to push the needle through the fibers.  

You want to "felt" the entire ball of roving.  To achieve the round shape, I took fibers from the outside of the roving and brought it to the inside, using the felting needle each time.  You goal is to have all the roving felted together.

After the roving is shaped the way you want it, you can insert it into the empty acorn cap.

I didn't have a hot glue gun so I used Elmers glue.  I put the glue on the inside surface of the acorn, then I inserted the "acorn" itself.

 You can use the felting needle to gentle push the acorn into the shell.  Let the acorns dry and then use them in your autumn decor.

This would be a fun project to share with your children.  I remember when I was a child, I lived in a small town in Idaho.  There wasn't any Michaels or Joann's back then.  There was one little tiny craft shop and it was expensive.  One day my Mom let me go there to make a project using pipe cleaners.  I think it was an octopus.  Isn't it funny that I remember this memory that over 50 years old!

Recently, there's a new store that opened up where I live.  It's called Daiso and it's like a Japanese dollar store but items are $1.50.  They offer a packet of roving in various colors for $1.50/package.  This is a great buy.

After doing this little project I found that the brown roving I bought felted much better than the red.  It was a different type of wool and not as fine.  I wish I could tell you more about felting but this is as far as I got on my felting project. 

I hope you each have a wonderful week and please remember to check Handmade Monday.  You will be amazed at all the wonderful craft ideas you will see!

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  1. Hi, Pat, So glad that you could come over to my party!!! I have always wanted to do needle felting and this is a darling project. Your friend, Linda

    1. Thank you Linda for stopping by. I'm glad you liked my felted acorns. They really are fun to make. I hope you stop by again soon. With my best wishes, Pat

  2. What a fun project to do. I've only done a little needle felting in the past, and I have a bird on my mantelpiece that my son made. Look forward to seeing what else you make

  3. Ahh, they are really gorgeous. I do like the look of needle felting and really think I should have a go at it. Hope you have a good week.

  4. I've never done any needle felting before but this post makes me want to try. x

  5. I am meaning to try this, and have a little collection of acorn caps sitting in my kitchen. Thanks for the tutorial, as I haven't done much felting.

  6. Autumn is full of lovely things, your acorns are really pretty, I like then just grouped together in the dish :)

    Jan :)

  7. Im often surprised at the tallent I see, and this is a brilliant idea :D

  8. Needle felting is very therapeutic and this is such a cute little project :)

  9. They're lovely little acorns, but it looks really tricky to do.

  10. What a great project, beautifully Autumnal...

  11. Thanks for sharing how to create these little gems for fall! & coming to the party @DearCreatives hope you are having a great week so far! Theresa

  12. I've never tried needle felting but, to echo what Fiddly Fingers said, must be very therapeutic. I'll have to give it a go xx


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